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USFSP will offer creative writing certificate


The faculty in the Languages, Literature & Writing department is launching a new creative writing program in January. The program, composed of fifteen credit hours, will be open to students working on their bachelor’s degree or anyone in the community looking to work on their poetry.

Students will have to take Creative Writing, CRW3031, and two sections of Advanced Creative Writing, which will revolve by genre and medium, said Thomas Hallock, associate professor of English.

“The other credits must be in courses at the 3000 level or above in literature or writing,” said Hallock. Upon completion of the course students will be awarded a certificate, differing from a minor, which is only recognized on students’ transcripts.

“Our program offers a particularly strong opportunity for working with the community, getting to know writers who are out there in the world,” Hallock said. “We are excited about the programs ability to interface with the community.”

Students can complete an English minor with a focus in either literature or professional writing at USF St. Petersburg, but with the creative writing program, students will take away “a hands-on understanding of how to shape their ideas into art and how the written world today is alive, and has been alive for a very, very long time,” Hallock said.

Not only will this program be significant to students’ studies, it will also be another feature to add to a resume to stand out for future employers upon graduation.

“We want the program to grow. We want to demonstrate to the university that this is a program that is here to stay, before we grow,” Hallock said.

The program is in the early stages, but will offer students an opportunity to explore their creativity.

“The response from students and from the community show that the demand for this kind of program is strong,” Hallock said. “I am confident that it will be embraced.”

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