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Review: The Hideaway is a hike, but home to many


If you’re searching for a local watering hole where everyone knows your name, The Hideaway in Clearwater is the place for you. With two pool tables, talkative bartenders, a relaxing atmosphere, and great prices on draft beers, this establishment is a one-of-a-kind in what otherwise is a generic, suburban wasteland.

From pool players to the happy hour crowd, the $1 beer Wednesday night crowd, and even the easy going regulars on a quiet Sunday night, one will find their niche. The Hideaway caters to everyone, young and old, with class and their favorite beer glass.

Bartender Adam Orlando, 34 can be seen juggling drinks and patrons’ orders on a Wednesday but his real specialty is the welcoming aura he extends to people and the pub itself, always being open to conversation and receiving customers.

“We like our customer base,” Orlando said. “We’re not looking to imitate a fast and crazy establishment for the sake of money. We want people to feel comfortable and safe, and they do.”

Smokers are welcome to an outdoor bar. The cigar shop next door makes puffing on a fine cigar with a glass of bourbon a common theme outside.

Samantha Spidel, 26, prefers the relaxing vibe of a quiet night.

“I like the comfortable atmosphere and the bartenders are great,” she said, “The Wednesday crowd is really young. When I come here I always end up meeting new people and finding myself engaged in good conversation.”

The Hideaway hires local bands to perform Thursday-Saturday. Although it is loud and hard to hear your buddy next to you, the music is fantastic and, as good music does, they electrify the crowd, bringing a unique vibe to this oasis in suburbia. Jeriko Turnpike, Railway Kings, and Dosage are just a few of the bands that play on a weekly basis.

Amine Rochdi, 30, of Clearwater is a regular at The Hideaway and a fan of the local music scene. Amine operates a food truck during the day and quenches his thirst for Stella Artois and an interesting conversation at night.

“The live music is great,” Amine said. “It’s a good way to check out quality up-and-coming bands or musicians.”

Fans of craft beer will be satisfied with The Hideaway’s stock. They carry 24 craft beers on draft, including Woodchuck, Goose Island IPA, Jai Alai, Magic Hat and many more.

There is no food at The Hideaway except on Wednesday afternoons, when pizza and wings from Anthony’s Fire Oven is brought in during happy hour. The pizza and wings are free to all patrons doesn’t last long.

The Hideaway is open Sunday-Thursday, 3 p.m. to 2 a.m. On Friday and Saturdays they don’t close until 3 p.m. The pub is located at 2454 McMullen Booth Road in Clearwater.


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