For many, the month of February brings romance in the form of chocolate, oversized teddy bears, dinner dates and affection. For others, tax refunds are just as important.

Being an adult can be challenging. I mean, you have to do your own grocery shopping and learn how to cook edible food. You have to budget, plan and make phone calls. It’s exhausting. It’s even more of a balancing act when you add college and work to the mix.

However, there is one time of the year when working college students of all walks of life rejoice at the sight of their well-earned W2 forms.

Of course, actually doing your taxes can be a tedious process. Most of the time, we find inexpensive routes, like TurboTax or maybe we just know a guy. Otherwise, we pay professionals to do all the work.

Then, after minutes (or hours) of detailed examination # boom. We find out we’re getting $10, $50, $100 or sometimes amounts closer to $1,000 or more in free money.

We all know it’s not necessarily free money. Somewhere along the lines, we earned it and it was temporarily withheld from us. But it sure does feel like free money. It’s like a little surprise in your bank account; a little “thank you for being such a good adult” gift.

When the deposit appears in our bank statements, get excited, go get something good for lunch, see a movie. The amount may not be a whole lot, but maybe it saved you from what could have been a strict Ramen noodles and fast-food week.

So this month, while you’re planning on how to surprise your significant other on Valentine’s Day, or devising a plan to woo your future significant other, don’t forget to “treat yo’self” as well.


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