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Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide


The holidays are just around the corner, which means people will be scrambling around to find the perfect gifts for their family and friends. Finding a gift for a specific person is never easy, especially for college students on tight budgets.

However, there are many gift options available for reasonable prices. Try seeking something inexpensive and unique at the Saturday Morning Market or visiting local small businesses. Need help figuring out gift ideas?


  • Ornaments
  • Coffee Mugs
    Coffee Mugs
  • Upcycled Necklace
    Upcycled Necklace
    Upcycled jewelry prices can range between $15 and $30.
  • Jamberry Nail Polish
    Jamberry Nail Polish
  • Phone Holders
    Phone Holders
  • A Tea Set
    A Tea Set
    a unique gift at a decent price
  • Hats
    normally priced less than $25
  • Shoes
    make sure that you’re willing to spend at least $50


For your friends

  1. Ornaments


Ornaments make great gifts for anyone during Christmastime because they tend to invite creativity and imagination. An ornament can take the form of any small-shaped object attached to a string so people can hang them on a Christmas tree.

Some ornaments can be small portraits, little snowflakes or handmade. Most ornaments resemble glass spheres. People enjoy these small gifts because they can be personalized for the individual receiving them, which makes them a special gift for years to come.

  1. Coffee Mugs  

Everyone has a caffeine addict on their friend’s list. Why not get them something to satisfy those coffee or tea urges?

Like ornaments, mugs can be personalized and come in different designs. These are a solid gift option for someone that you’ve only just met. Who knows? Maybe you’ll soon be bonding over a (decorated) cup of joe.

  1. Candles

Scented candles are a hallmark of gift-giving. For good reason, too. They can be used as decorations or to spread wonderful smells around the house. Along with the candle, a holder is a great bonus to the gift.

You don’t always have to purchase the two together, but if you want to add some spunk and creativity to the candle, the holder is highly suggested. You can find more unique items such as this candle at the Agora store located in downtown St. Petersburg.

  1. Phone Holders

Extend a little help to your friends with a smartphone holder. Like a small handbag, this gift will help them organize their phones and small personal items, like wallets or keys.

These little guys will come in clutch when your friend visits Busch Gardens and needs something to carry the bothersome items plaguing their pockets. Visit the market and find phone holders bejeweled or stitched with a design they’ll love.


Gifts for Fathers/ Boyfriends/ Brothers

  1. Hats


Hats are a pretty easy gift for men. While some come in unique sizes, the majority are one-size-fits-all. They aren’t all that expensive either, normally priced less than $25.

Just make sure that the design fits the person you’ll be gifting. You may need to ask around but aim for logos with their favorite sports team, musician or hobby.  

  1. Shoes

If you know a man’s shoe size, you can’t go wrong with giving him a pair of new sneakers. Whether he’ll use them in the gym or just to strut about the town, he’ll absolutely adore some new kicks.

Sneakers are definite favorites for men to wear and an excellent gift idea. These aren’t cheap options, so make sure that you’re willing to spend at least $50 on the special man in your life.


Gifts for Mothers/ Girlfriends/ Sisters

  1. Jamberry Nail Polish


What about getting her something colorful? For the fashionista in your life, try Jamberry Nails and their selection of nail products. From nail wraps to filers and acrylics, you should be able to provide her something she’ll love.

Jamberry offers different long-lasting nail polishes with a plethora of nail color options. They range from solid colors to glitter.

  1. A Tea Set

Maybe the lady in your life already has all the coffee mugs she could ask for, and you want to go a little extra. Select for her a fancy tea set. Not only will she use it for herself, but she can show off the beautiful set to friends and family.

Tea sets can be found at local tea shops, and for a unique gift at a decent price, you should visit the Agora shop in downtown St. Pete (pictured above). These sets will leave anyone feeling like royalty.

  1. Upcycled Necklace

Does the lady in your life love jewelry? What about getting her something custom made?

Upcycled jewelry is made out of recycled material and crafted into different shapes, colors and sizes. The necklace above was designed by Mark Noll, who designs a variety of jewelry into the shapes of hearts, suns and flowers. Upcycled jewelry prices can range between $15 and $30.

These are just some simple gift ideas to give to anybody you know on during the holidays. If none of these suggestions appeal to you or anyone you know, remember you can always fall back on a gift card.



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