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Meet the senate candidates

Meet the senate candidates


Student senators represent the student body as a whole. They are required to attend general assembly meetings and be a part of at least two unique senate committees.

Senate members hold discussions regarding some important matters that influence student life on campus and they help determine the money given to clubs and organizations for events throughout out the year.

Sherice Bramwell 

Major: Environmental Science & Policy, minor in Economics

Year: Junior

Caribbean Cultural Exchange Club Vice President, former Treasurer, S.E.A.S member, International Student from Jamaica

The main reason I want to be involved is because I want the campus to be a more sustainable, fight for sustainable changes and to help the campus to grow. Being an international student I would like to see the campus grow and be more diverse.

I’m willing to listen to the student population to hear what they want and fight for those changes.

Being treasurer I learned how to deal with event requests and how to manage the clubs finances.
Seeing that there isn’t enough parking, I’d like to implement changes where we can have a better parking system here.

Carter Goetzke 

Major: Political Science

Year: Freshman

Intramural Sports

I really want to incorporate more students into the campus. From what I’ve seen some people come out but a lot of people stay back. I want to get the synergy of the campus to be better.

A lot of students want to leave this campus and go to Tampa and we need to be able to keep them here. I feel like they’re not experiencing the full St. Pete campus.
I really want to make a change. Just going to the three-hour meetings only two times might be enough, but to actually get to that extra level, I just go to the different meetings even though they’re not for Senate.

Alana Todd 

Major: (Double Major) Environmental Science/Anthropology

Year: Senior

Secretary of Sustainable Initiatives, Chair of Clean Energy and Resource Conservation Commission (CERCC)

We’re kind of switching gears. We created our climate action plan which shows our steps to become carbon neutral by 2050 and we had the chancellor sign that back in early December. So that’s our carbon commitment. I want CERCC to switch gears to focus on resiliency.

I want to keep focusing on bringing more efficiency projects to campus. The 40-kilowatt solar was passed when I was in SGEF. I want to keep making sustainability an identity on this school. As we continue to become a bigger campus, I want us to be known for our environmental science and our sustainability.

I think a good senator is open, communicates well and is willing to listen. They hear what their student body has to say and they communicate that to the rest of student government and we serve in that way.
I don’t want people to assume that [sustainable initiatives] is the only thing that I think about. I want to represent the issues of all students on campus. It is something I’m very passionate about, but I want to represent everyone.

Emilie Morris 

Major: Biology

Year: Junior

COMPASS P.E.E.R Coach, and incumbent senator on the programming committee

There are times where students with personal agendas can come out of the woodwork when things are going down and push their opinion on you. But we as student leaders are here to represent the entire student body and not just certain groups or demographics. Making sure that students all across the board are heard and not just catering to those that are most present.
I definitely don’t want to make up people’s minds for them, but definitely just think of what type of leader you want to see and make sure whoever you are voting for embodies that.

Daniel Hollander 

Major: Global Business

Year: Freshman

Member of University Christian Fellowship Group & Intramural Sports

I was involved in the church back home and was a leader for the youth group they had there. I was also able to go to four mission trips to Immokalee, Florida, and four mission trips to Belize. I emerged as a leader on those mission trips and that’s something I want to continue to do.

If people want something to be done, I feel like I’m gonna get it done for them because I really care about their well-being and what they want.
[Commuters] are the most important people to reach because they are the majority of our campus. We really need to reach the commuters and that’s really a goal of mine.

Sheena Catabihan 

Major: Economics

Year: Freshman

Part of Education Committee for MAC, Volunteer for SG for Department of Affairs, Dad was in the military, Lived in Bahrain and Japan (graduated in Japan)

My plan to attack a problem is always to listen to everyone at first and then bring out the points that can solve it.
I really, really like how Student Government is doing recycling, the recycling bins. That’s personally important to me.

J.W. Hendry 

Major: Entrepreneurship

Year: Junior

I’m a transfer student from St. Petersburg College and I want to be as involved as possible, so I felt that running for Student Government would be the best way to give back to the university and the students.

The administration doesn’t always see eye-to-eye with the students and their wants, so I want to do my best to help the student.

I don’t like how early the library closes. I’d like to see it open to at least midnight on the weekdays.
I plan on setting up booths during the week and making surveys asking students what they want to see changed on campus.

Tiffany Porcelli 

Major: Psychology

Year: Sophomore


I have a lot of leadership qualities and experience with diversity.

I’m open to listening to what people want and helping with that.

I know that I can make a difference, but it’s based on what the people want.

I’m super passionate about diversity in general. I think this campus embodies that a lot.

I think that I have a heart of gold and will be there for the student body.

Albert Moreno III 

Graduate Studies for a Master’s in Liberal Arts

Incumbent student senator, Veteran who has worked for the SVO and the chair of the appropriations committee

More bang for the buck is what I want. I think we are frivolously spending money. I would go as far to say we are wasting money.

I would like this university to offer a grant writing course as an exit requirement.

I want computer coding to be offered as a language course. Coding is its own language and it is a stepping stone for the university to offer more.

I would like to purpose for nine credit hours for undergraduates for full-time enrollment, six credit hours for graduate students. I ask freshman what they are involved in and they say homework, that’s all they have time for.

I want the students to be successful, period. I want you to leave here and get a career. Right now, I don’t think we’re in the market for that. We’re too focused on funnel students through.

Antoinette Laviolette 

Major: Political Science

Year: Junior

I feel like the more I get involved, the more I’ll love [USFSP].

If I get elected, I want to work more toward building a place to study on campus because we don’t have 24/7 options here for students who want to study at 4 a.m. or for commuters.
I’m a student just like them. It sounds cliche, but I definitely want to work toward putting their ideas in practice.

The three Senate candidates who did not respond to The Crow’s Nest’s emails by deadline were not featured in this article. They are Katherine Timer, Lynnsey Trantham and Emily Jaglin.


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