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Election results are in, Student Government fills 11 seats


Goetz It Done: Newly-elected student body Vice President Samuel Goetz celebrates with students as he receives the news that he and Thompson’s ticket won the presidential election
This year, 650 students voted in the election, nearly twice as many as the fall semester. The total student population, including graduate and non-degree seeking students is 4,475.

The election results were announced on March 2 in the Reef by Shannon Scanlon, Student Government’s supervisor of elections.

Each of the students running for a senate seat in Student Government were elected this year. They needed 25 votes for office, and the lowest number of votes for one candidate was for J.W. Hendry, who earned 144 votes. Emilie Morris, an incumbent nominee, received the most with 310.

On March 1, a day before the elections, senator Jozef Gherman officially resigned his position.

David Thompson, the presidential candidate, won office with his running mate Samuel Goetz. The two took more votes than their opponents combined, with 335. Thompson will take office in May after shadowing Laraine Ruiz, the active student president.

The referendum that provided funding for the Student Green Energy Fund also passed. SGEF charges students a dollar per credit hour in order to fund green energy projects across campus. The SGEF passed with 87.78 percent approval in the vote.

The SGEF must be reapproved every three years. In the past, the money has funded new recycling bins and water refill stations across campus.




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