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Crow’s Corner: How to deal with stress and anxiety


We’ve been there. Sweaty palms grasping a shaking coffee cup, sore eyes and a headache that won’t go away. It’s more than sick, you are stressed and with finals looming around the corner, it’ll only get worse.

It might seem like everything will crumble, burying you in a cascade of term papers and exams, but with a few steps you can overcome. Being a functional adult may seem like fantasy, but if you just take a few positive steps from this list you could make it out of finals alive.


  1. Make a plan

When your list of things to do grows from three to 20 in a single day and you feel the grip of panic take hold, recognize that moment as your cue to show the world who’s boss.

Tackle the list by designating priorities. Follow that by attributing each day its own tasks and purpose. Doing this should facilitate efficiency and provide some ease of mind.


  1.   Apply a positive mindset

One of the most important lessons to combat stress is accepting that you are not helpless. Sure, it can become debilitating and may even inhibit your mind from functioning at its fullest, but always remember that it all comes down to you. It’s all about the choices you make and the thoughts you choose to feed.

Pep talks are not out of the question: never underestimate the power of a “fake it until you make it” attitude. Fueling yourself up with positive words does have an effect.


  1.   Demand control

Anxiety can be crippling and advice can fall short of acknowledging the severity of it. Our mind has a way of running itself that seems completely unrelated to our own will, but we do have a say.

Try to remember to get some rest. Sleep does wonders for the mind and can allow you order when the world is a screaming chaos.

Believe in yourself. Halt the insecurities and remember that you are awesome. When that voice pops into your mind and rattles off all the wrong things — push yourself towards what empowers you and keep moving.


  1.   Claim your space

Because stress and anxiety doesn’t always adhere to school, I would also like to briefly address the issue of social anxiety.

Social anxiety comes down to feelings of inadequacy and unease. A thought that I’ve found helpful is that no one is watching or judging you nearly as much as you think they are. Everyone is worried with their own shit.

You must be unapologetic about who you are — whether that means being goofy, quiet or awkward. Don’t be hard on yourself about it, and don’t try to pretend to be anyone else. Know your worth and what you bring to the table, then claim your place and take a seat.


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