Home Arts and Life ‘Sing it’ open mic helps break in revamped Coquina Club
‘Sing it’ open mic helps break in revamped Coquina Club

‘Sing it’ open mic helps break in revamped Coquina Club


By Arman Mouradian

Open mic night at “The Edge” was in full swing last Monday night when Brielle Carter stepped up to the microphone. The chairs were filled with curious students, waiting to hear something fresh, something they haven’t heard.

Although it wasn’t her first time performing in front of strangers, Carter was nervous stepping up to the stage. But as soon as she grasped ahold of the microphone and opened her mouth to sing, that all faded away.  

“It’s always a better time getting the crowd involved in any performance,” Carter said after her performance. “It’s like all else fades and the only thing that matters is the music coming from within. Once you take your first couple steps towards the mic and say your first sentence everything else becomes easier,” she said.

Carter gave her heart to the performance for her boyfriend singing a catchy Alicia Keys “If I Ain’t Got You” with a twist, engaging the crowd along with her.

The revamped indoor and outdoor space was something students have been anticipating for months. With new seating and LED lighting, students felt like“The Edge” would truly be a comfortable place to socialize and pass the time.

“Students gathering on open mic nights bring new friendships together while reconnecting with old ones” said Sam Runyon, a student in the crowd.

Runyon said social events like “Sing it,” the open mic, bring all forms of talent to campus. It gives students a place to relax after a long day after school and give them an opportunity to get away from their textbooks.

After her performance, Carter received numerous compliments from the crowd before sitting back down to hear what the rest of open mic night had to offer.

Students of all diversity in talents stepped up the mic showing off what they really love to do bringing laughs to everyone around.

“I really enjoyed hearing the comedy skits throughout the night” said Runyon. “Comedy is something that never seems to get dull with new trending humor to talk about.”

“Before open mic night I didn’t really know of any campus activates I wanted to participate in until hearing about The Edge.” I will be coming back for more nights here at the heart of campus,” said Carter. “The warm welcoming of everyone can make the most experienced or unexperienced of talent feel welcome.”


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