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Campus gets first look at Bhutanese culture

Campus gets first look at Bhutanese culture

By Michael Mcdade

Students gathered as they noticed a tent that showcased the history of Bhutan Wednesday.

Tashi Wangmo, an anthropology major, is the first Bhutanese student to attend USF St. Petersburg. Her tent included souvenirs, food and history of her nation.

The tent setup wasn’t just to celebrate her being the first Bhutanese student here, but also to celebrate Bhutan’s fourth King Druk Gyalpo Jigme Singye Wangchuck, who brought democracy to the country.

Although students couldn’t try the food due to university policy, Wangmo explained the flavors of each dish. At the end of the table was a white grain that Wangmo ate during the event.

Wangmo explained that the grain was a sort of cereal that people in her country have with their tea or milk.

She also talked about a dish that looked like green asparagus, which Wangmo said tasted like dried spinach.

Students took pictures in front of the Bhutanese flag with Wangmo’s Polaroid camera.

The flag has orange and yellow, split by a white dragon going diagonally across it. The white dragon symbolizes purity.

“The orange,” Wangmo explained, “represents religions and the yellow represents its politics.”

She had other interactive things for students and faculty to see, such as a bowl of trinkets, where each one had something to do with her country.

She invited everyone who came by to take something. After a large crowd of students and faculty had stopped by her exhibit, she lit incense.

For the future, after she graduates, Wangmo said, “I’m going to live in my country or another country.”

Pictured Above: Tashi Wangmo, USF’s first Bhutanese student, shared some of her country’s culture and food. Michael Mcdade | The Crow’s Nest


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