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Oldest community theater, St. Petersburg City Theatre set to close

The stage door is broken, the roof leaks and the air conditioning needs to be updated, but St. Petersburg City Theatre feels more like a well-loved home than a rundown building. For the past 59 years, cast and crew members have signed their names on the walls backstage. The theatre has been collecting these memories […]

The Reef aquarium struggles to stay afloat

Water quality issues, disease outbreaks and aggression among inhabitants plague The Reef’s aquarium. Above the tank hangs a plaque that reads, “Let this aquarium remind us of the importance of marine life to Florida and the Tampa Bay area.” The 1,100-gallon saltwater aquarium was originally installed in 2013, funded by Duke Energy and Student Government […]

Big Sisters bring big conversation to the Reef

On Tuesday, 18 people from eight different clubs and organizations met in the Ocean room of the USC. They were preparing for something they called a flash mob, but singing and dancing weren’t part of their agenda. Instead, these individuals flooded the Reef so that they could talk some ‘Big Talk.’ Big Talk is a […]

Student singlehandedly beautifies Bayboro

He walks the harbor barefoot, scooping up whatever junk he finds at the water’s edge. It’s his weekly ritual. A task he fits between classes, that nets him bag after bag of trash that was either washed or thrown into the harbor behind the campus. He started after a friend of his noted the garbage […]

Patio Tuesday looks to engage commuter students

For many commuter students, their college experience can be summed up as – Get to class and go home. Because well, life is busy. The University Student Center is working to fix this by welcoming more commuters into student life with a new daytime event. It’s called Patio Tuesdays, and it takes place on the […]

Big Sisters Spread Sunshine Through Sunflowers

Nothing brightens a day quite like a sunflower. In mid-November, roughly 100 random students and faculty members received sunflowers with just one string attached: a note containing a positive message such as “you are loved” or “random act of kindness.” The Big Sisters of Psychology were responsible for the event, but even the students who […]

Food, Music, Culture, Et Cultura

Lea Umberger stared in disbelief at the sheer number of people walking down Baum Avenue Saturday night. Located off Central Avenue near the Green Bench Brewing Co., thousands of people gathered at Et Cultura, a local festival that celebrates St. Petersburg’s creative culture. Umberger worked tirelessly since January planning the 5-day event. “We wanted to […]

Cultures Are Not Halloween Costumes

Scrolling through Facebook around Halloween is a mixture of beauty and horror. There are those who dress expertly as fantastical creatures, fictitious characters and ghastly beasts. There are those who put on a pair of ears, draw on some whiskers and call themselves a cat. And there are those who wear a culture as a […]

Hamburger Mary’s: Good Food That’s Great For Community

Photos by Alyssa Coburn | TCN St. Petersburg has a new, yet unexpected resource for the LGBTQ community. In August, Hamburger Mary’s opened on Tyrone Boulevard. The restaurant features kitschy décor, a club-like atmosphere, tasty burgers, a full-service bar and drag queen entertainment. But it also acts as a sanctuary for the transgender community. According […]

Dog Owners Should Take Responsibility for Their Pets

Four months ago, a dog described as a pit bull fatally mauled a Canadian woman. Montreal responded by enacting a breed-specific bylaw that requires the euthanization of pit bulls and pit bull lookalikes without homes or in shelters. When I first heard about this new bylaw, I was both enraged and heartbroken. My family rescued […]