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Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are just around the corner, which means people will be scrambling around to find the perfect gifts for their family and friends. Finding a gift for a specific person is never easy, especially for college students on tight budgets. However, there are many gift options available for reasonable prices. Try seeking something inexpensive […]

Black Cloud On Holiday Season: Stores Shouldn’t Open On

Each year, I leave my family and a warm meal earlier and earlier to attend to ungrateful mobs of people jostling one another for savings on holiday shopping. Thanksgiving is an American holiday meant for people to gather together and celebrate all the things they are grateful for. The majority of my family lives in […]

Greenpeace Seeks Saviors, Needs to Peace Out

Ever since fall last year, I’ve noticed something strange occurring on campus. Every week, there are people in green T-shirts standing on the corner of University Way and Sixth Avenue S waiting for students to pass by. They work for Greenpeace, a non-governmental environmental organization that aims to “ensure the ability of the Earth to […]

RHH Suite Life Isn’t So Sweet

The dreadful email came on July 6. The sender: USF St. Petersburg Housing Department. All of the students who were on the housing waitlist during the summer were anticipating the day they would be notified of their living arrangements. What we were all hoping for was an email stating whether we would live in Residence […]