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Opinion: Bright Futures creates unfair standards and dim futures

Gov. Rick Scott is talking up his goals of limiting college tuition increases and his “$10,000 bachelor’s degrees,” and the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights is, again, investigating Bright Futures scholarships. I’m sure many students laugh out loud at the idea of paying only $10,000 for a college degree, and there have […]

Opinion: Modesty or suppression of natural instincts?

Watch out, ladies. If you’re walking the streets of Arkansas and hear someone whisper “Nike,” you’re probably dressed too immodestly. The oldest Duggar sisters from TLC’s “19 Kids and Counting” released their first book in the beginning of March filled with some of the women’s “dark” secrets and their experiences growing up with 19 siblings. […]

Opinion: The truth ‘evolves’

For the first 14 years of my life, the stories of the Bible were the only foundation for my beliefs. I refused to believe anything else because I was never taught anything else. When I was young, I took the stories of Moses and Noah as pure fact and memorized the Book of Psalms and […]

Experienced required: lots of it

That $20,000 piece of paper presented to you at graduation is not a golden ticket for a job. Your clean cut, free of spelling errors, beautifully decorated resume and cover letter will not get you a call for an interview. Most job and internship applications don’t even have sections asking for your grades or GPA. […]

No challenge too great

Three days after education student Dwayne Scheuneman, 44, broke his neck in a pool diving accident, paralyzing him from the chest down, he woke up in the hospital to his friend saying, “Game on.” “I didn’t think too much about the future … I took it one day at a time,” Scheuneman said of his adjustment to living […]

Embracing the flaws of my hometown

A dirty bar bathroom in Ybor, beer-soaked streets the morning after First Friday in St. Petersburg, cheap, greasy hot dog stands on every corner downtown, the smell of red tide coming from Spa Beach – these things have nothing on New Orleans. A recent journalism conference hosted by the Associated Collegiate Press brought five staff […]

Student’s dreams, out of this world

At 2 years old, Joey Vars picked up his first toy rockets, and never put them down. His love for space “just sort of happened” when his parents noticed him playing with the space toys more than the Tonka trucks and Hot Wheels cars, and continued to supply him with more space related books and […]