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Students cycle into gear for Bike Week

Students looking to get a handle on their carbon footprint could do so during the campus’ inaugural Bike Week. Starting last Monday, students were encouraged to ride their bikes to campus to receive free food, raffle tickets and bike services. Each day leading up to Earth Day on Saturday featured new activities, including bike registration […]

Campus moves forward with Green Revolving Fund

Future sustainability projects on campus will now find funding, in part, through the Green Revolving Fund. Signed on Monday, Feb. 6, the Green Revolving Fund would utilize the savings from previous sustainability initiatives to fund new green projects around the university. The fund was signed into action by the Clean Energy and Resource Conservation Commission […]

Senate’s Veto of President Step Too Far

Private citizens can now sue the governments of foreign nations…sort of. On Wednesday, Sept. 28, Congress overrode the president’s veto of “The Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA).” This bill would allow private citizens to sue the government of a foreign nation suspected to have supported terrorist acts committed on U.S. soil. The bill […]

Underdog Team Sails Into Victory

The USF Sailing team hosted the third regatta of the season on Sept. 24 and brought home a decisive victory in challenging conditions. The event was sailed in the school’s fleet of Flying Juniors, a competitive two-person dinghy raced in most college events.  Competitors from universities across the state of Florida came to field a […]

Bulls in the Burg: Fun on a Student’s Budget

Looking to have a good time, but not trying to break the bank? You’re in luck! The Bulls in the Burg program offers discounts for USFSP students at tons of restaurants, cafés, and other attractions around St. Pete. Check out the list below for some of the best places to put your student ID to […]