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Student band, Avenue Icon, releases first project

Brendon Porter leans across the bench we’re sitting on, unlocks his phone and turns the screen toward me. He opens a messaging app, the keyboard pops up and he glides a finger across it, random words appear in the text box. “I did this and it came up with two different words and they were […]

Modern hitchhiking: ride-share apps

As a rider, when you think of a major perk of ridesharing apps, chances are you may think practicality. No car, no money for gas, no desire to drive — whatever the case, it’s no problem when companies like Uber and Lyft exist. The convenience of the app has Sandra Acton, 41, a local resident, […]

No, I’m not adopted; Yes, she’s my “real” mom

I can’t count the number of times my mom and I have gotten double takes everywhere we go, from the supermarket to every school I’ve attended. In an increasingly diverse America where biracial couples are becoming less taboo and more visible, why the sight of a Hispanic mother and her biracial, black daughter garners so […]

Local activist group takes first steps to oppose Trump

Veteran activist Melanie Carling “took [her] eye off the ball” during Barack Obama’s tenure as president. Carling admits she’s guilty of feeling that inequality, especially towards women, was solved once and for all. “We’ve been comfortable for so long. It’s hard to get out of these soft walls,” said Carling, a trade supervisor at USF […]

Musicians Club bands together

If you see a lively group of students with instruments in hand or hear the sound of music streaming from the Palm Room, the Musicians Club is in session. Started early last semester by Eric Yoder, 19, and Brendon Porter, 18, the two USFSP students and guitarists gather the club every Thursday afternoon to play […]

Thundercat brings out his geeky groove

Just like on the album cover, Thundercat’s “Drunk” will creepily surface into your regular playlist. Quirky but true musings? Check. Star collaborators? Double check. Sleek tunes to back it all up? Triple check. “Drunk” is the bassist, singer and producer’s third album. Based in Los Angeles, he is known for his playing and production on […]

Old Souls In a New Age: 2017 Grammy Predictions

At this year’s Grammy Awards, some popular categories are not only stocked with nominees for millennial music lovers but also for fans of 90s and 00s music. The high-profile nominations of Beyonce, Drake, Kanye West, Chance the Rapper and other industry leaders at the 59th annual ceremony are not surprising. But a former R&B starlet, […]

Fresh new tunes

            The Libertines – Anthems for the Doomed Youth Not much has changed about The Libertines’ style since their last album, 2004’s The Libertines. They still have the same youthful flair, the same simplistic garage rock sensibilities, and the same vulnerabilities when it comes to frontmen Doherty and Barât. It […]