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What If?

By Devin Rodriguez, Whitney Elfstrom and Timothy Fanning A small plane approaching Albert Whitted Airport made an emergency landing last Wednesday on a busy street 1.5 miles southwest of the university. Miraculously, no one was seriously injured. But what if the Cessna 402B had come down a few moments later, when the plane was about […]

Breaking: Private plane crashes 2 miles from campus, injures five

Pictured above: A private plane crash landed 2 miles from campus at 3:45 p.m. This crash is the latest in a series of crashes of planes approaching Albert Whited. Devin Rodriguez | The Crow’s Nest By Devin Rodriguez A small private plane crash landed on 18th Ave S and 16th St in St Petersburg, hitting […]

Airport plan would help campus grow

By Devin Rodriguez If the main runway at Albert Whitted Airport is shifted a quarter mile to the east, the planes that buzz the campus would be higher and quieter. It might be possible for the growing university to have taller buildings, too. But the runway extension would cost $12.5 million and require a host […]

Black Crow Celebrates Creatives for Second Anniversary

By Devin Rodriguez On any given day there’s no telling who will walk into Black Crow Coffee. The small space, in Old Northeast a few blocks from the Central strip, has limited seating and customers often have to share a more intimate space. As Deana Hawk, the co-owner of the little coffee shop puts it: […]

Hazing hurts sailors last semester

Several members of the women’s sailing team were suspended for two semesters last year after a university investigation concluded they were guilty of hazing younger teammates. Coach Allison Jolly said the students – all juniors – were suspended at the beginning of the 2016 spring semester. They were allowed to return at the beginning of […]

STING RAY students fight for right to walk at graduation

Students from the Project 10 STING RAY stood next to a picnic table outside of the Campus Grind coffee shop. They waited as their names were called to receive a certificate. Last year, this was their graduation. STING RAY is a non-degree seeking program that provides students with intellectual disabilities education in a college environment. […]

James Schnur remains in jail

It’s been 12 days since James Schnur, the special collections librarian, was arrested and charged with possession of child pornography and bestiality. He remained in the Pinellas County Jail late Sunday. Schnur’s lawyer, Meribeth Wetzel, said that her office has not yet scheduled a bail hearing. She did not wish to provide further comment. The […]

Editorial: Group projects, the bane of college existence

There’s always an awkward silence after a professor opens up the room so students can organize into groups. People shuffle papers, looking around nervously, praying that they have one reliable acquaintance in the room. It’s even worse for the introvert who has to sit there realizing they spent the whole semester avoiding eye contact, and […]

Arrest of beloved librarian leaves campus reeling in shock, sadness

In 25 years as a student, teacher and librarian, James Anthony Schnur became one of the university’s most respected figures. As a student, he was a campus leader and author of a much-admired master’s thesis. As a teacher and librarian, he helped countless students and faculty on research projects. And as a champion of the […]

MFA welcomes spring with floral arrangements

Elegant blossoms and bouquets breathed new life into the collection of artwork at the Museum of Fine Arts. The event celebrated the unique perspective flowers provide to artistic classics. The museum hosted its 20th annual Art in Bloom event over the weekend, inviting artists to reimagine 40 works from its collection. Professional florists, hobbyists and […]