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James Schnur remains in jail

It’s been 12 days since James Schnur, the special collections librarian, was arrested and charged with possession of child pornography and bestiality. He remained in the Pinellas County Jail late Sunday. Schnur’s lawyer, Meribeth Wetzel, said that her office has not yet scheduled a bail hearing. She did not wish to provide further comment. The […]

Editorial: Group projects, the bane of college existence

There’s always an awkward silence after a professor opens up the room so students can organize into groups. People shuffle papers, looking around nervously, praying that they have one reliable acquaintance in the room. It’s even worse for the introvert who has to sit there realizing they spent the whole semester avoiding eye contact, and […]

Arrest of beloved librarian leaves campus reeling in shock, sadness

In 25 years as a student, teacher and librarian, James Anthony Schnur became one of the university’s most respected figures. As a student, he was a campus leader and author of a much-admired master’s thesis. As a teacher and librarian, he helped countless students and faculty on research projects. And as a champion of the […]

MFA welcomes spring with floral arrangements

Elegant blossoms and bouquets breathed new life into the collection of artwork at the Museum of Fine Arts. The event celebrated the unique perspective flowers provide to artistic classics. The museum hosted its 20th annual Art in Bloom event over the weekend, inviting artists to reimagine 40 works from its collection. Professional florists, hobbyists and […]

College of Business student passes away

Maxim Malygin (above), a senior studying finance in the Kate Tiedemann College of Business, passed away Feb. 6. Sophia Wisniewska, USF St. Petersburg’s regional chancellor, announced Maxim’s death in an email to employees Feb. 28. Polina Pridanova, a close friend, told The Crow’s Nest, that Malygin was passionate about travel and meeting new people. She […]

Fast-paced, cut & paste college competition at Cage Brewing

Armed with a pair of scissors and magazines, Sierra Schneider, an alumna of USF St. Petersburg’s graphic design program, had just 30 minutes to make something beautiful. She struggled through pages and pages of pictures and text while considering the prompt the judges gave her —  the future. Then she found it: a picture of […]

10 things you forgot you did on St. Patrick’s Day

We’ve been there. Waking up to a searing pain pulsing through your forehead. That guaranteed hangover cure your friend swears by. The greasy breakfast, painkillers and coffee. St. Patrick’s Day is rough. Green beer, whiskey shots and swarms of people downtown with the mutual purpose of delightfully drunk debauchery. We, here at The Crow’s Nest, […]

Election results are in, Student Government fills 11 seats

This year, 650 students voted in the election, nearly twice as many as the fall semester. The total student population, including graduate and non-degree seeking students is 4,475. The election results were announced on March 2 in the Reef by Shannon Scanlon, Student Government’s supervisor of elections. Each of the students running for a senate […]

A picture worth a 1000 miles: MFA hosts road trip exhibit

The road trip is an American rite of passage: grabbing a few close friends, piling into a beat up van and hitting the road, seeking adventure. The development of expansive, long-running highways and improvements to the automobile has popularized the American road trip. In a matter of days, one could go from the Gulf Coast […]

Meet the senate candidates

Student senators represent the student body as a whole. They are required to attend general assembly meetings and be a part of at least two unique senate committees. Senate members hold discussions regarding some important matters that influence student life on campus and they help determine the money given to clubs and organizations for events […]