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Splitting the waste and learning to recycle

Ever since I was a little girl, I remember hearing my parents saying that the rubbish goes to the trash can. “Don’t throw the garbage in the streets. It’s wrong and impolite,” my mother used to say repeatedly. And so I did. I forced myself to apply their rules, and every time someone would throw […]

Experience of a lifetime: my travels through Spain

The first time you visit Spain, it may seem as if you’ve arrived in a century long past. Located in Southwestern Europe, Spain has plenty to offer travelers in search of art, history and excellent food. You can see the birth-home of Francisco Goya, “The Nude Maja” painter; touch the walls of Belchite, “a ghost […]

Lost The Receipt, Don’t Return Your Pets

You adopt a cat. You spend fabulous years with that fluffy ball of fur, but after some time “Simba” is not as active or young as he used to be. Because of this, you are obligated to take special care of him and buy him medicines and other things to make your pet feel better. […]

Makeup is Optional, Female Autonomy is Not

Alicia Keys doesn’t want to wear makeup anymore, and that’s a problem for society. The award-winning songwriter has performed at the Democratic National Convention and the MTV Video Music Awards without a hint of face paint. She wrote an essay for Lenny’s magazine on May 31, 2016, about the insecurities she has endured from being […]

YouTubers Push Limits With Upsetting Pranks

During the summer, I became part of the growing number of people that enjoy watching YouTube videos in their free time. Let’s admit it, there is something magical about being able to search on a platform for all of the tutorials, movie clips and news that you could ever want. It’s also an excellent way […]

Is it ‘America’ or ‘The United States of America?’

I’m from the Dominican Republic, and one of the things that surprised me when I arrived in this country was hearing people call The United States of America by the name “America.” Signs like, “Welcome to America” and “God bless America” made me feel confused. I also heard a few presidential candidates saying on national […]

In love with my afro hair

I never thought I would have the courage to take scissors and cut my hair. Nor did I imagine that with each snip I would feel so good, and so free. I think that’s one of the benefits of wearing natural, afro or curly hair: To be comfortable with yourself and have the confidence that […]

International student experiences Gasparilla for the first time

Dominican Republic native explores the cultural landscape of Tampa Bay   As an international student, attending Tampa’s Gasparilla Pirate Festival for the first time was an excellent way to see how the people here celebrate. Apart from my fears about the “wild” festival – which were mainly invoked by several warnings from fellow classmates – […]

Award-winning author exposes poor pig farm conditions at campus lecture

Should people give up eating bacon? The question remains after Barry Estabrook — journalist and author of “Pig Tales: An Omnivore’s Guide to Sustainable Meat” — discussed what goes on before food reaches the kitchen table. As part of USF St. Petersburg’s Food for Thought lecture series, the award-winning author spoke on Jan. 25 about […]

International Students Face Challenges

USFSP needs a department that specifically works with foreign students – whether it’s to help them get to the office in Tampa, find safe and affordable places to live, or how to navigate around town.