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Student rally wants to protest consolidation

By Jonah Hinebaugh In retaliation to the possible consolidation of USF campuses, junior marketing major Mariah McQueen started a movement to oppose it. McQueen plans, through her “Diverge the Merge” group, to host a rally on campus hoping it will influence more students to become involved in fighting the possible end of USF St. Petersburg’s separate […]

Coed sailing team funding headed for uncertain waters

Above photo: Figuring out who should pay for the coed sailing team’s operating expenses has re-emerged as a topic of debate, as neither university administration or Student Government want to pick up the full bill. Devin Rodriguez | The Crow’s Nest  By Jeffrey Waitkevich and Jonah Hinebaugh It’s not a club. It’s not a varsity sport. The […]

Chocolate hearts filled with greed

Above photo: The National Retail Federation estimates over $19 billion in total planned spending for Valentine’s Day this year. Courtesy of Chrys Omori By Jonah Hinebaugh Typically seen as a way to flaunt your romance, Valentine’s Day is the perfect way to show your significant other your appreciation and love for them. From chocolates to roses […]

Education has become industry, at our cost

Above photo: Judy Genshaft, President of the University of South Florida, is part of the exploitative academic industry. Jonah Hinebaugh | The Crow’s Nest By Jonah Hinebaugh According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the cost of attending a public institution has more than doubled between 2000 and 2015 and shows no signs of […]

Mumble rap is abstract expressionism for hip hop

By Jonah Hinebaugh What do Young Thug and Mark Rothko have in common? Both went against norm in their respective mediums to help construct something new and beautiful. Art has evolved throughout history, and that’s a fact. All you have to do is look back at how renaissance, rococo and neoclassicism evolved.    So why […]

A protester escorted a white nationalist outside Richard Spencer’s talk: ‘He just smiled and called me a racist slur’

By Jonah Hinebaugh Members of the “alt-right” frequently dox, or search for and publish private or identifying information about (a particular individual) on the Internet, typically with malicious intent. In order to avoid this, the student interviewed in this story asked to go under the pseudonym Baghat Singh to protect his identity. In a small […]

Students move into their home away from home

Over 600 students moved into USFSP’s residence halls over on Friday and Saturday. This event is just one of the many events new students have the opportunity to attend during Week of Welcome. Here are a few highlights from the big move shot by our Photo Editor Jonah Hinebaugh. 

Quit fretting: Take musicians at sound value

Michael Jackson allegedly molested children, Chris Brown abused Rihanna and Kanye West compared himself to Jesus. All three affect the most important part of any music artists job — maintaining the support of a loyal fan base. But is it really possible for an artist cross a line? I’d argue that there never really needs […]

Review: Kendrick Lamar’s ‘DAMN.’ is sinfully good

By this point, Kendrick Lamar is internationally known as one of the best rappers in the world. His most recent album, “DAMN.,” serves to solidify his status. Lamar voices his inner insecurities and unhappiness with the current political climate on this record.         In the first song “BLOOD.” we are met with the motif of […]

Review: Drake’s “More Life” deserves a poor life

Drake’s worthiness as the top artist in the world has all but disappeared after dropping his 22-song playlist, “More Life.” The playlist follows a mediocre “Views” album, released last April, and demonstrates Drizzy’s ability to find trends in order to remain relevant in a world that should’ve left him behind, especially after his weak collaboration […]