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Have a club? SG has funds

Above photo: Ysatis Jordan, senate president pro tempore, is looking to inform students and clubs of the money waiting for them in the Special Funding Committee. Jonah Hinebaugh | The Crow’s Nest By Luke Cross Student Government’s special funding committee started this semester with $18,000 and is looking to put that money in the hands of […]

Historic journal calls USFSP home

Above photo: USF St. Petersburg Assistant Professor of History Adrian O’Connor is the new editor for “The Historian,” a scholarly journal that “will bring local benefits to the campus.”  Courtesy of USF St. Petersburg By Luke Cross The second largest scholarly journal of history is now housed at USF St. Petersburg. “The Historian” has been continuously […]

Presidential cussing, the least of our worries

By Luke Cross “Shithole.” Media outlets spent an entire weekend covering the presidential buzzword as soon as it spilled from President Donald Trump’s mouth during a meeting with lawmakers. Specifically, the president referred to Africa, saying “why do we want all these people from ‘shithole countries’ coming here?” As is the trend with political coverage, […]

Blocked accessibility ramps leave students stranded

Above photo: Student Robert Beasey’s electric wheelchair is often unable to fit past bicycles blocking campus paths. Jonah Hinebaugh | The Crow’s Nest  By Luke Cross and Timothy Fanning Arriving to class on time is difficult. Arriving to class on time with no way to access the building is impossible. Robert Beasey, 45, an interdisciplinary […]

Surviving life beyond add/drop

Above photo: The advising offices can be found in the first floor of Davis Hall, room 134. Luke Cross | The Crow’s Nest By Dylan Hart and Luke Cross New professors, new assignments and new expectations—the first week of classes is always a stressful period. The stress only increases as the first week ends and the […]

Skip a few haircuts, brighten a stranger’s day

Have longer locks than the average person? Consider putting them towards a hairpiece for those less fortunate! Image courtesy of Robert Couse-Baker By Luke Cross I haven’t had to pay for or sit through a barber’s visit in the past six months. If that alone isn’t enough to hook your interest, maybe the fact that […]

Powerful words: The case for filthy, foul language

Once upon a time, I was vehemently opposed to swearing. When others dropped an expletive, you could see me physically recoil. I hated the power those words held just as much as I hated the type of person to use them casually. Years of my life were spent humming over controversial song lyrics and not […]

Graduate student campaigns for City Council seat

In the crowd celebrating Earth Day and marching for science on Saturday was James Scott, who bounced from person to person asking what they want to see in local government. “There’s a learning curve to really finding out what the public wants, but it’s worth it in the long run,” said Scott. Scott, 29, announced […]

Dean of Arts & Sciences could take SPC president seat

Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences Frank Biafora has been declared one of five finalists to become president of St. Petersburg College. He recently announced that he would not seek a contract extension at USF St. Petersburg. Before coming to USF St. Petersburg as a dean and tenured professor, Biafora was an associate […]

Review: Mastodon’s “Emperor of Sand” lacks a unified sound

Cementing their position as the vanguards of contemporary metal, Mastodon’s seventh studio album “Emperor of Sand” evades the trappings of any single sub-genre. Over the course of nearly two decades, Mastodon has honed their blend of hardcore, progressive and doom metal into an instantly recognizable sound. Following the immensely technical and lofty “Once More ‘Round […]