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Powerful words: The case for filthy, foul language

Once upon a time, I was vehemently opposed to swearing. When others dropped an expletive, you could see me physically recoil. I hated the power those words held just as much as I hated the type of person to use them casually. Years of my life were spent humming over controversial song lyrics and not […]

Graduate student campaigns for City Council seat

In the crowd celebrating Earth Day and marching for science on Saturday was James Scott, who bounced from person to person asking what they want to see in local government. “There’s a learning curve to really finding out what the public wants, but it’s worth it in the long run,” said Scott. Scott, 29, announced […]

Dean of Arts & Sciences could take SPC president seat

Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences Frank Biafora has been declared one of five finalists to become president of St. Petersburg College. He recently announced that he would not seek a contract extension at USF St. Petersburg. Before coming to USF St. Petersburg as a dean and tenured professor, Biafora was an associate […]

Review: Mastodon’s “Emperor of Sand” lacks a unified sound

Cementing their position as the vanguards of contemporary metal, Mastodon’s seventh studio album “Emperor of Sand” evades the trappings of any single sub-genre. Over the course of nearly two decades, Mastodon has honed their blend of hardcore, progressive and doom metal into an instantly recognizable sound. Following the immensely technical and lofty “Once More ‘Round […]

One dean announced, another dean steps away

Regional Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs Martin Tadlock announced Allyson Leggett Watson as the new dean of the College of Education on March 22. Watson will begin serving as dean July 1, while Olivia Hodges continues to serve as interim dean of the CoE.    Watson is the Assistant dean and professor in the College […]

Acclaimed Florida authors tackle ecological issues

What comes to mind when you think of the Gulf of Mexico? As Floridians, we are privileged to live next to it, therefore we often associate it with beauty, beaches and fishing. Across the country, however, many define the Gulf by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. A BP owned drilling rig, Deepwater Horizon, experienced unregulated […]

Careers kickstarted at Job & Internship Fair

Ambitious students donning professional business wear, with resumés in hand, flooded the USC ballrooms to network with employers at the Internship & Job Fair, Feb. 22. Stationed in individual booths, over 70 employers from a wide range of fields answered career-related questions, interviewed candidates and honed students’ interview skills. The event offered an invaluable frame […]

University Police Department offers active shooter course

There have been 42 college campus shootings in the United States since 2010, resulting in at least 50 dead and 64 injured. Statistics like this are a haunting reminder that school shootings are more than a tragedy we see on the news. They are a real threat to students across the country. Although the chances […]

If you hate success, follow your passion

From the years of classes I may or may not have slept through in high school, there are two lessons I distinctly remember: the largest tarantula species can grow to be a foot long, and how important it is to follow your passion. The former likely stuck with me due to a crippling arachnophobia, but […]

Master Academic Plan proposes major changes for USFSP

Lofty goals such as the doubling of part-time job opportunities on campus, reducing the cost of textbooks by half and adding 25 new majors (see list below) to the campus are proposed in the Master Academic Plan. Drafted by the Office of Academic Affairs, the plan establishes a framework for college and department growth over […]