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What to do this week: August 26 – Sept. 1

By Lis Casanova Monday Got a late night class on Mondays? Don’t let that make you miss out on dinner! Do a quick run-by Student Governments office at the Student Learning Center and take advantage of their SG Grab and Go event from 5–6 p.m. There will be plenty of snacks and you’ll get a […]

What to do this weekend: August 26-27

By Lis Casanova Saturday While the weekend lasts, slip on your flips flops and gear up for Fun in the Sun with COMPASS, from 2–4 p.m. on Harbor Lawn. There will be lawn games like Spongeball and a chance to pie student leaders in the face. Make sure to bring some friends, a towel and […]

What to do this week: August 21-25

By Lis Casanova Monday WATCH OUT: Even if you’ve been living under a rock, you probably still know about the total eclipse — it’s only the biggest astronomical event in our lifetimes. For those of us who can’t head north to the main viewing sites, Floridians will still get to see a portion of the […]

Week of Welcome: Weekend Event Calendar

By Lis Casanova Alright y’all, school is back on —there’s no doubt about that— surely, the dread (or excitement!) has begun to settle in. In any case, let’s put all that bottled up angst toward having some good times, shall we? Today begins Week Of Welcome and it’s  our last chance to enjoy the last […]

Crow’s Corner: Interview tips

Being broke sucks. But to actually make some money you’re going to need to interview well. That means picking your cleanest shirt, brushing up that resume (check out last week’s column!) and dedicating yourself to slaying that awkward deep dive into your character. Here are a few handy tips to prepare you for every interview […]

Crow’s Corner: How to deal with stress and anxiety

We’ve been there. Sweaty palms grasping a shaking coffee cup, sore eyes and a headache that won’t go away. It’s more than sick, you are stressed and with finals looming around the corner, it’ll only get worse. It might seem like everything will crumble, burying you in a cascade of term papers and exams, but […]

Women proudly showcase solidarity at feminist art show

Nasty women are “grabbing back.” That’s how St. Pete Women’s Collective President Ashley Sweet describes the lease that the organization recently signed to house female art. The new headquarters at 2800 2nd Ave N. is home to two of the Collective’s members. These “Boss Ladies of the Burg’” belong, in part, to the displaced artists […]

Crow’s Corner: How to be a conscientious customer

Working in customer service is a trying task. Even though the jobs are, for the most part, simple enough, it’s the customers that make or break your day. If you’ve ever had one of these jobs, particularly in the food service industry, I commend you. You’ve probably become a more conscientious person because of it, […]

Crow’s Corner: How to minimize social media use

While most of us were introduced to the online sphere of socialization through the relic that is now Myspace, it was Facebook that redefined our generation’s interactions. The benefits are undoubtedly there — staying in contact, news updates and figuring pop culture in general — but the drawbacks are also significant. For the regular user, […]

Give us our space for musical expression

For two years, the music from downtown echoed its way into my dormitory. The mashup of instruments, singers and shouts became the ever-present background to my weekend nights. Filing through homework, I’d look out at the city lights from the window above my desk and wish for my own space to practice cello. Four years […]