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Marla Korenich is a senior majoring in journalism and media studies.

He was handsome, but he looked like trouble

EARLY 2011 I remember the first time I saw him. My best friend Lauren was in the delayed entry program to go into the Navy. She asked me to go to her weekly meeting with her. I had joined her before and she taught me some of the things she was learning, so I enjoyed […]

It was going to be a fairy tale…

September 2011 The day was here. Finally. I really played this down to my parents. I said I was just meeting Ethan in Tallahassee to do some paperwork. You know, we had to get things started. His mother and brother picked me up early that morning, and I was ready. I had all my paperwork […]

I wanted forever – but three years later, I just wanted my last name back

  Summer 2014   It was hot, and I was wearing flannel, like I often do. I pulled up to the Champion Motors in Englewood. I’ve passed it a million times on the way to the beach. This can’t be right. I checked the address, and then I saw him. Who gets divorced at a […]