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Feelin’ the chemistry: Science-lovers unite in support of research

“Science is Not a Liberal Conspiracy,” read one sign. “Make America Think Again” and “Grab Her By The Data” read two others. Thousands gathered at Poynter Park on Earth Day, April 22, for the March for Science. Teachers, students and scientists took to the streets of downtown St. Petersburg to show their support for evidence-based […]

Bulls spring into action in upcoming season preview

This weekend saw the USF football team return to the field — a soccer field, that is. The annual spring game was held at Corbett Stadium in front of a packed audience. The scrimmage featured the green team, lead by sophomore quarterback Brett Kean, defeating freshman quarterback Chris Oladkun’s white team 15-14. The friendly exhibition […]

United Airlines picks pilots over paying passengers

When you spend hundreds of dollars on a plane ticket, you generally do so under the assumption that you won’t be violently dragged off the plane for no good reason. Yet this appears to be a specialty of sorts for United Airlines. When the story of Dr. David Dao being forcibly removed from a United […]

Review: The future of podcasting is here, and it’s “S-Town”

If you haven’t listened to an entire podcasts series in a single day, you haven’t lived. That is the conclusion I’ve come to after binging “S-Town,” the critically acclaimed narrative podcast brought to you by the creators of “This American Life” and “Serial.” Unlike its predecessors, all seven episodes were released simultaneously on Tuesday, April […]

Food Recovery Club gathers leftover food, changes lives

Twice a week, anxious students gather on the benches outside of the USC. They head inside right before The Reef closes at 9 p.m. If you’re not paying attention, you might miss them before they disappear into the kitchen. Hats-on-head and gloves-in-hand, they stand in front of giant plastic containers and coolers. An employee brings […]

The early bird gets the class

Registration for summer and fall classes begins today. March 27 officially marks the opening of course registration for USF St. Petersburg students. Throughout the process, each student will receive a time ticket that will indicate when they can register for classes. You can review your time ticket by logging onto Oasis, going to the “Student” […]

Verizon IndyCar Series returns to St. Petersburg

The Firestone Grand Prix returns to the streets of St. Petersburg this weekend. The event, comprised of 13 races, will run from March 10-12. Every year since 2009 it has served as the season opener of the Verizon IndyCar series. According to Motosports Travel, “Incorporating the streets of downtown St. Petersburg Florida, this race is […]

Student Green Energy Fund seeks student approval

Starting Monday, students will have the chance to vote on whether or not they would like to renew the Student Green Energy Fund. SGEF is a fund that is “used to assist the university in reducing energy costs through conservation, promoting power generation using clean, renewable energy technologies and lowering greenhouse gas emissions” according to […]

Meet the senate candidates

Student senators represent the student body as a whole. They are required to attend general assembly meetings and be a part of at least two unique senate committees. Senate members hold discussions regarding some important matters that influence student life on campus and they help determine the money given to clubs and organizations for events […]

Meet the presidential candidates

Student body president and vice president campaigns started Monday, Feb. 20. As leader of the executive branch, the president is a fundamental role in the allocation of the activities and service fee budget. The vice president heads communication between the student body and the rest of the executive branch. Below are excerpts from interviews with […]