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Plant seeds & stand your ground in the next 4 years

“Everyone will sit under their own vine and under their own fig tree, and no one will make them afraid…” – Micah 4:4 If you’re a big fan of Hamilton the musical, you may recognize this Bible verse as a line quoted by George Washington in “One Last Time.” The real George Washington said it […]

Plight of the Disenfranchised Voter

Have you ever heard two people say the exact same thing, but in different ways? Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton campaign commercials for the general election are now in full force, and play ad nauseum in the background of life. They appear in the sidebar of every site I surf on the internet, in my […]

Pulse shooting endangers more than LGBTQ community

The senseless massacre that occurred in Orlando on June 12 still has me reeling. We live in a constantly shifting, ever-evolving 24-hour news cycle, but a small corner of my mind has been chewing on this event since I woke up that Sunday morning and felt a deep fear sink into the pit of my […]

What Prince meant to me

The legendary pop star defied both gender and genre   It’s 1:46 a.m., and the sharp tang of old cigarette smoke is clinging to my clothes. My sweatshirt’s a little damp from rain, the humidity and moisture in the air and the nervous sweat. I’m exhausted and giddy after getting home from my first paid […]

School segregation is no relic from the past

Last I checked, the year is 2016. That makes the landmark the 1964 Civil Rights Act, signed into law under President Lyndon B. Johnson – 52 years old. The Supreme Court unanimous decision in the 1954 Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka case, which declared “separate but equal” facilities didn’t work in reality and […]

SPECTRUM program expands horizons for mentors and mentees

SPECTRUM is a program designed to connect upperclassmen who have found their rhythm on campus with new students still trying to find the Reef. The program is organized by the Office of Multicultural Affairs to help first-year and transfer students navigate the transition to college life. And many of the student-mentees go on to be […]

Anthropology professor discusses women’s historical role in toolmaking

Dr. Kathryn Arthur has a unique perspective on women’s history – she’s working on rewriting it. Arthur teaches anthropology at USF St. Petersburg and is nationally recognized for accomplishments within in the field. She was granted the Gordon R. Willey award in 2012 for her article published in American Anthropologist, entitled “Feminine Knowledge and Skill […]

REVIEW: Fresh Kitchen fails to wow at price point

Fresh Kitchen, a Chipotle-style restaurant that focuses on healthy options, opened March 1 at 4447 Fourth St N. It is the first half of a dual-concept eatery by Ciccio Restaurant Group and will share space in a newly renovated building with the modern diner Daily Eats, set to open in late April. Fresh Kitchen offers […]

Slideshow: Bay Area Renaissance Festival

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Ideas for a local spring break

Students across the country will soon flock to Florida beaches to celebrate spring break season. But that isn’t always easy on a college student budget. So, here are a few ideas that can help you make the most of your time off.   Watch a “whodunit” show (March 11-20) The St. Petersburg City Theatre will host […]