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Ryan Callihan served as the Managing Editor of The Crow's Nest from August 2016 to May 2017. He is a senior mass communications student and will graduate in December 2017.

App provides students with resources for sexual assault

Dealing with sexual assault alone is terrifying. But you don’t have to. There are numerous resources for survivors of sexual assault. Reach Out Editions is an app developed by Capptivation that aggregates them all. It is available for free on Android and iOS devices. Reach Out Editions began when four recent college graduates sat together […]

Senators graded, most pass

The senators elected to USF St. Petersburg Student Government are supposed to represent the student body in their meetings. But they can’t do that if they don’t show up. According to section 5.1 of the Senate Rules of Procedures 2015-2016, members are expected to attend all meetings of the General Assembly and their two assigned […]

Scan from your hand: Student launches new app

For Deshanie Govender, the diagnosis of endometriosis wasn’t a deterrent, but a motivator. On Thursday, April 6, Govender, a senior studying psychology, celebrated the launch of her new app, ScanRite, in the Ocean Room of the USC. Endometriosis is a chronic illness which causes tissue that typically lines the uterus to grow elsewhere in the […]

10 things you forgot you did on St. Patrick’s Day

We’ve been there. Waking up to a searing pain pulsing through your forehead. That guaranteed hangover cure your friend swears by. The greasy breakfast, painkillers and coffee. St. Patrick’s Day is rough. Green beer, whiskey shots and swarms of people downtown with the mutual purpose of delightfully drunk debauchery. We, here at The Crow’s Nest, […]

Potential Albert Whitted runway extension still years away

A proposed runway extension at Albert Whitted Airport is still at least six years away. In November 2015, St. Petersburg City Council approved $50,000 for a study exploring the possibility of extending the southwest-to-northeast runway 1,300 to 1,800 feet to the east, into Tampa Bay (toward the right in the photo above). For Albert Whitted, […]

Student Affairs restructure adds more voice to student issues

Two weeks ago, Dr. Patricia Helton (above), the regional vice chancellor of Student Affairs, reorganized the Student Affairs Department. These changes, implemented Feb. 20, were meant to better facilitate the administration’s discussions over issues affecting students. The restructure appointed various members of the administration to positions that now report directly to Helton. One result of […]

Meet the senate candidates

Student senators represent the student body as a whole. They are required to attend general assembly meetings and be a part of at least two unique senate committees. Senate members hold discussions regarding some important matters that influence student life on campus and they help determine the money given to clubs and organizations for events […]

Temporary Director of SLE looks to move forward

Last week, a restructure of the Student Affairs department removed Matt Morrin from his position as director of Student Life & Engagement. Dwayne Isaacs, associate director of the University Student Center, has assumed Morrin’s responsibilities. Isaacs was appointed to the position for one year by Regional Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Dr. Patricia Helton. “I […]

Restructure removes key administrator

The campus administrator who oversaw Student Government, the Harborside Activities Board and other key student activities was abruptly removed from his position last week. The departure of Matt Morrin after a decade at the university came suddenly and without explanation to the student groups he helped guide. The university declined to provide a reason for […]

Meet the presidential candidates

Student body president and vice president campaigns started Monday, Feb. 20. As leader of the executive branch, the president is a fundamental role in the allocation of the activities and service fee budget. The vice president heads communication between the student body and the rest of the executive branch. Below are excerpts from interviews with […]