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Button Poetry’s Rudy Francisco’s first book triumphs

By Sara M. McDonald Internet sensation Rudy Francisco, a Button Poetry artist made famous for his spoken word poem  “Scars/ To The New Boyfriend,” has finally made his written word debut. His first book “Helium,” a culmination of some of his spoken word poetry and new pieces not yet performed, was released in November 2017 […]

St. Petersburg Women’s March turns out in full force

By Sara M. McDonald Demonstrators of all genders, colors, creeds and ages gathered together on Sunday in downtown St. Petersburg to demand changes in a country torn by injustice and inequality.   There was a sea of signs, a wall where victims could write down their stories, a chalk walk that begged for us to […]

Opinion: DeVos’ campus rape policy rollbacks hurt victims

By Sara McDonald Since becoming secretary of education, Betsy DeVos has proposed several controversial changes. But her rollback of Obama-era rules that regulate how colleges and universities investigate sexual assault allegations was another contentious chapter in her tenure. The decision left many women’s rights groups worried that the survivors of sexual assault would  lose protections […]

Book review: Turtles All the Way Down

By Sara McDonald “The Fault in Our Stars” made John Green one of the most successful young-adult authors in the world. In the novel, he tackled themes like mental illness, the power of friendship and love. Now his new novel, “Turtles All The Way Down” is likely to do the same. This is a story […]

Short film explores life after rape and suicide

By Sara M. McDonald “Written on my skin,” a short film, packs a powerful punch. Written and directed by Rod Roberts, it tells the story about an up-and-coming actress named Rachel Ryan, who is reliving being raped. The film is heavy, flashing back and forth between that night and the current one, where she is […]

The Keepers – a must see Netflix Original documentary on coming forward and seeking the truth

By Sara M. McDonald “The Keepers” is a must-see Netflix original true-crime documentary which exposes a long history of sexual and emotional abuse in the 1960s at the hands of an ordained priest. Unlike the ever popular “Making a Murder,” another true-crime Netflix favorite, “The Keepers” seeks to give a voice to the victims and […]

What we can learn from Hollywood and Harvey Weinstein

By Sara M. McDonald Manipulation. That is a word commonly used by the women who have accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual misconduct to describe their horrific experiences with the American film producer. At least 28 actresses, models, journalists and former employees of Weinstein have come forward with allegations against him, including Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie, […]

Holocaust survivors speak on the impact of Charlottesville

By Sara McDonald Since working at The Florida Holocaust Museum, I’ve witnessed an extraordinary amount of strength and resilience from followers of the Jewish faith and Holocaust survivors. When the Nazi flag flew high and proud in the Charlottesville rally, I was out of town but my heart broke. All I could think about were […]

Review: Gruesome new Holocaust museum exhibit is a must see

By Sara McDonald In the three years I’ve worked at the Florida Holocaust Museum, no exhibit on the second floor came close to the dynamic nature of Murray Zimiles’ explosive “The Holocaust and the Book of Fire.” Zimiles, the stepson of a Holocaust survivor, felt compelled to create a collection of work that dealt with […]

Campus rape policies should move forward, not backward

By Sara McDonald After a hard road of fighting to be heard, women everywhere rejoiced when the former vice president rallied college students to stop the culture that excuses derogative “locker room talk” and sexual assault. It was a moment that signified every Slut Walk, Rainn counseling session and One Act workshop was not in […]