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Peaceful yoga: Getting back to the fundamentals

Sweat pours down your face as it plummets to your yoga mat. A sharp pain shoots into your back as the breath leaves your body and the little voice in your head says, “No pain, no gain.” You persevere despite all of the warning signs begging you to pull back. Your class ends. Another yoga […]

Recipe: Game day BBQ cauliflower

Barbecue chicken wings are always a crowd pleaser, but what if I told you that you could achieve the same great taste but with cauliflower instead? The phrase “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it,” doesn’t apply to this delicious meat-free alternative. Beloved by vegans, omnivores and carnivores alike, this is a perfect Sunday football […]

TedxUSFSP: Sparking Change within a new generation

The energy in the USC ballroom was one of excitement and enthusiasm Tuesday, April 4. Students, faculty and community members came together ready to talk change. With a drink in one hand and a plate of hors d’oeuvres in the other, students burst out of their shells and strived to find out more about their […]

Meet Duke, the library’s new blue superhero

The newest member of the Nelson Poynter Memorial Library sports four legs, blue fur and a dashing cape. His name is Duke. Duke found his way to the jewel by the bay with the help of the Southeastern Guide Dogs. Southern Guide Dogs is based out of Palmetto, Florida and works to pair guide dogs […]

100 square feet and a dream: Tiny Home Festival

The teardrop-shaped home supplied just enough room for two people to lounge on the cushioned floor that also acts as a bed. Two doors were carved into the blue abode and kept open to enforce the intense need for connection with nature. Books about spirituality, photos of loved ones, and a small vase filled with […]

Bookworms rejoice: Count down the savings with 321 Books

Used books are supposed to be cheap, but 321 Books raises the bar and lowers the price. The bookstore opened three weeks ago and has already made an impact on the St. Petersburg community with its customer-friendly price model. While wandering through Tyrone Square Mall’s tiny, new bookstore, shoppers may not realize the bargain they’ve […]

A Tale of 3 Cities

Spring break is a time to get away, literally. Bogged down by homework, exams and studying, the students deserve the weeklong exodus of responsibility that takes them out into the world, or onto the couch. Three Crow’s Nest writers traveled to different parts of the world and brought back the story of their travels. Tim, […]

TEDx returns, prepared to talk change

After the successful TEDx USFSP event two years ago, the talk is coming back. This year it will be held on April 4 with the theme “Catalyst: Spark the Change.” TED is a nonprofit organization devoted to providing a platform for expert speakers on education, business, science, tech and creativity, to bring forth ideas that […]

Pointers from the Poynter: Know your library

Beanbag chairs, a perfect view of Bayboro Harbor and all the help one needs on their research paper. What more could a student want? If anything comes to mind there is a suggestion board on the first floor of the Nelson Poynter Memorial Library. Little notes reading: coffee shop, extended hours and more study rooms […]

Eat chicken or chickpeas, either works for me!

One day, around three years ago, I decided to go vegan. I had absolutely no idea what it meant or what it entailed but I was up for the challenge. My first go around lasted about three months until I was defeated by a giant piece of cheese pizza and three scoops of delicious chocolate […]