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Fast-paced, cut & paste college competition at Cage Brewing

Armed with a pair of scissors and magazines, Sierra Schneider, an alumna of USF St. Petersburg’s graphic design program, had just 30 minutes to make something beautiful. She struggled through pages and pages of pictures and text while considering the prompt the judges gave her —  the future. Then she found it: a picture of […]

Veteran student finds solace in service animal

Bookworms rejoice: Count down the savings with 321 Books

Used books are supposed to be cheap, but 321 Books raises the bar and lowers the price. The bookstore opened three weeks ago and has already made an impact on the St. Petersburg community with its customer-friendly price model. While wandering through Tyrone Square Mall’s tiny, new bookstore, shoppers may not realize the bargain they’ve […]

Veteran student finds solace in service animal

10 things you forgot you did on St. Patrick’s Day

We’ve been there. Waking up to a searing pain pulsing through your forehead. That guaranteed hangover cure your friend swears by. The greasy breakfast, painkillers and coffee. St. Patrick’s Day is rough. Green beer, whiskey shots and swarms of people downtown with the mutual purpose of delightfully drunk debauchery. We, here at The Crow’s Nest, […]

Veteran student finds solace in service animal

Community comes together to Keep Pinellas Beautiful

Three-year-old Nevaeh Yarbrough won a scholarship competition for an “All-Natural Pageant.” One requirement was to complete 10 hours of community service in a year. Within a month she had 11. Her parents, Ryan Yarbrough and USF St. Petersburg alumna Alexis Yarbrough, decided they should strive for 40 hours instead. They reached out to Keep Pinellas […]

Veteran student finds solace in service animal

Review: Netflix punches through 4th Marvel series, “Iron Fist”

Introducing the fourth and final member in its “Defenders” series, Marvel released Netflix Original Series “Marvel’s Iron Fist” on March 17. The series is based on the Marvel Comics character Iron Fist, aka Danny Rand, who was introduced in 1974 in the “Marvel Premiere” series before starring in his own comic book series. Two minor […]

Veteran student finds solace in service animal