Historic journal calls USFSP home

Above photo: USF St. Petersburg Assistant Professor of History Adrian O’Connor is the new editor for “The Historian,” a scholarly journal that “will bring local benefits to the campus.”  Courtesy of USF St. Petersburg By Luke Cross The second largest scholarly journal of history is now housed at USF St. Petersburg. “The Historian” has been continuously […]

Eichmann exhibit first of its kind

Pendulums and countdowns: Student group shakes misconceptions of hypnosis

By Rachel Freeman When we hear the word “hypnosis,” maybe a pendulum swinging back and forth in front of someone’s dazed eyes comes to mind. Or maybe a hypnotist counting down from three and just like that, the patient is lost in subconscious oblivion. In reality, these fictitious and Hollywood-driven images are far from the […]

Eichmann exhibit first of its kind

Campus gets first look at Bhutanese culture

By Michael Mcdade Students gathered as they noticed a tent that showcased the history of Bhutan Wednesday. Tashi Wangmo, an anthropology major, is the first Bhutanese student to attend USF St. Petersburg. Her tent included souvenirs, food and history of her nation. The tent setup wasn’t just to celebrate her being the first Bhutanese student here, […]

Eichmann exhibit first of its kind