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Holocaust Survivors Reflect on WWII in Documentary

Ships carrying 1,948 liberated concentration camp prisoners arrived in Malmö, Sweden in April 1945. Years later, Malmö native and filmmaker Magnus Gertten came across archived footage and photographs taken at the harbor where passengers were brought ashore and welcomed by Red Cross teams. The footage shows men, women, children and infants entering an entirely new […]

Veteran student finds solace in service animal

Young Voters May Hold Key to The White House

Early last month, the governmental affairs director for Student Government hosted a voter registration event on Harborwalk. Getting students to vote is vital for the future, said Madeline Friese, 20, a sophomore majoring in environmental science and policy. “I don’t think students understand the impact that government has on their lives,” she said. “If you […]

Veteran student finds solace in service animal

Florida Sex Education Leaves Students Unprepared

Teaching sex education has been delegated to science and physical education teachers, but in areas around Florida the lessons are limited to abstinence-only education. There is no course content requirement for sex ed classes the state. When it is covered, the curriculum focuses on abstinence until marriage, sex within marriage and the negative outcomes of […]

Veteran student finds solace in service animal