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Clothesline Project brings hope to victims of sexual and domestic violence

By Karlana June Still reeling from a post-traumatic stress disorder episode, I am apprehensive about obligations requiring me to be on campus. Cinder blocks seem to replace my feet as I take each slow and cautious step across the Peter Rudy Wallace courtyard. As I enter the foyer, feeling naked and vulnerable, I see a familiar […]

Campus Movie Fest prepares to launch

Sustainability: what does it mean to go green?

By Whitney Elfstrom Reduce, reuse, recycle — a motto that we all grew up hearing. But what does it mean, and why does it matter? For Brian Pullen, the university’s sustainability planner, it’s all about finding new tactics to ensure we reduce our environmental impact on the planet. Think of Tesla’s mass-market electric car, which […]

Last man standing: Allegations hit Kelso and Jordan

Senior business management hopeful for Council seat

By Dinorah Prevost Another USF St. Petersburg student is vying for a City Council seat this November. Jerick Johnston, 21, a senior business management major, is running for St. Petersburg City Council’s District 4 seat against popular incumbent Darden Rice.   This run is Johnston’s first venture into politics. A St. Petersburg native, he is running […]

Campus Movie Fest prepares to launch