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Grapefruit Shandy is a fruity hit at 3 Daughters Brewing

In honor of National Grapefruit Month, one local brewery has added a fruity twist to one of their familiar concoctions. 3 Daughters Brewing, a St. Petersburg favorite, isn’t afraid to experiment with a good thing. Their Grapefruit Shandy,  released on Feb. 8, is a hefeweizen infused with grapefruit.  Hefeweizen, which literally means yeast (hefe) wheat […]

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Hamburger Mary’s: Good Food That’s Great For Community

Photos by Alyssa Coburn | TCN St. Petersburg has a new, yet unexpected resource for the LGBTQ community. In August, Hamburger Mary’s opened on Tyrone Boulevard. The restaurant features kitschy décor, a club-like atmosphere, tasty burgers, a full-service bar and drag queen entertainment. But it also acts as a sanctuary for the transgender community. According […]

REVIEW: NBA 2K17 big improvement, but needs tweaking

Hawkers brings Asian street fare to St. Petersburg

A new restaurant has come to St. Petersburg’s Edge District: Hawkers Asian Street Fare. According to the restaurant’s website, “Hawkers” are street vendors in prominent parts of Asia who depend on locally grown ingredients to create dishes sold from mobile carts and stands. The restaurant brings that city-theme to Central Avenue and serves Asian street […]

REVIEW: NBA 2K17 big improvement, but needs tweaking

Burger King’s hot dog review: It was incredible – and awful

After Burger King announced its newest menu addition – hot dogs – which debuted on Feb. 22, two Crow’s Nest Arts & Life reporters, Devin Rodriguez and Ryan Callihan decided to do some shoe-leather reporting and went out into the field to find out if the King’s dogs would deliver  Just like an episode out […]

REVIEW: NBA 2K17 big improvement, but needs tweaking