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MGMT’s “Little Dark Age” is trapped in history

Above photo: MGMT’s new album “Little Dark Age” suffers from forced nostalgia, leaving the tracks mired in attempts to sound like other bands. Courtesy of Columbia Records By James Bennett MGMT’s new album “Little Dark Age” sounds distinct from its previous records. Although it could still be classified as synth-heavy indie pop, it has strayed from […]

“Black Panther” claws its way to greatness

Review: “Turn Out the Lights” raises the indie music bar

By Alexander Eubanks Ever since her debut album “Sprained Ankle,” Julien Baker has quickly risen to the top of the indie rock scene and has become a rare crossover hit that landed with both fans, critics and fellow musicians alike. While she has been interviewed and has received high praise by indie publications, like Under […]

“Black Panther” claws its way to greatness

Review: Mastodon’s “Emperor of Sand” lacks a unified sound

Cementing their position as the vanguards of contemporary metal, Mastodon’s seventh studio album “Emperor of Sand” evades the trappings of any single sub-genre. Over the course of nearly two decades, Mastodon has honed their blend of hardcore, progressive and doom metal into an instantly recognizable sound. Following the immensely technical and lofty “Once More ‘Round […]

“Black Panther” claws its way to greatness