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Review: Mastodon’s “Emperor of Sand” lacks a unified sound

Cementing their position as the vanguards of contemporary metal, Mastodon’s seventh studio album “Emperor of Sand” evades the trappings of any single sub-genre. Over the course of nearly two decades, Mastodon has honed their blend of hardcore, progressive and doom metal into an instantly recognizable sound. Following the immensely technical and lofty “Once More ‘Round […]

REVIEW: NBA 2K17 big improvement, but needs tweaking

Review: Drake’s “More Life” deserves a poor life

Drake’s worthiness as the top artist in the world has all but disappeared after dropping his 22-song playlist, “More Life.” The playlist follows a mediocre “Views” album, released last April, and demonstrates Drizzy’s ability to find trends in order to remain relevant in a world that should’ve left him behind, especially after his weak collaboration […]

Glazing up new doughnut concept

Thundercat brings out his geeky groove

Just like on the album cover, Thundercat’s “Drunk” will creepily surface into your regular playlist. Quirky but true musings? Check. Star collaborators? Double check. Sleek tunes to back it all up? Triple check. “Drunk” is the bassist, singer and producer’s third album. Based in Los Angeles, he is known for his playing and production on […]

REVIEW: NBA 2K17 big improvement, but needs tweaking

Lupe Fiasco’s first solo album wanders aimlessly

After more than six years of disputing with his record label, Chicago rapper Lupe Fiasco is finally independent. His sixth studio album, DROGAS Light, launched Feb. 10 as his first solo project. Lupe clawed his way out of his contract with Atlantic Records after numerous disputes over musical content and scheduled release dates. Even without […]

REVIEW: NBA 2K17 big improvement, but needs tweaking

The Flaming Lips look to keep spark alive

  Following their free experimental project with Miley Cyrus, The Flaming Lips released “Oczy Mlody,” meaning “eyes of the young” in Polish. It features a heavy electronic influence that bridges the brusqueness that began with “Embryonic” in 2009 and the whimsical tones of “Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz” released in 2015. “Oczy Mlody” begins […]

Glazing up new doughnut concept

Frank Ocean Makes Waves with New Content

After a four year hiatus, Frank Ocean has finally released new content. He began with a stunning visual album called “Endless”, and followed up with his anticipated audio album, “Blonde.” The visual album, which is a remixed version of the stream on Ocean’s website, keeps it minimal. The only colors are black and white, except […]

REVIEW: NBA 2K17 big improvement, but needs tweaking

‘The Life of Pablo’ drops after delay

Kanye West’s first gospel album?   Through numerous delays and drastic changes fans have continued to anxiously await the release of Kanye West’s new album The Life of Pablo. T.L.O.P. is West’s seventh studio album, which was finally released on Valentine’s Day. It is only available on Tidal, Jay-Z’s subscription music-streaming service. The recording process […]