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Arrest of beloved librarian leaves campus reeling in shock, sadness

In 25 years as a student, teacher and librarian, James Anthony Schnur became one of the university’s most respected figures. As a student, he was a campus leader and author of a much-admired master’s thesis. As a teacher and librarian, he helped countless students and faculty on research projects. And as a champion of the […]

More turmoil in SG: VP-elect abruptly resigns

Scan from your hand: Student launches new app

For Deshanie Govender, the diagnosis of endometriosis wasn’t a deterrent, but a motivator. On Thursday, April 6, Govender, a senior studying psychology, celebrated the launch of her new app, ScanRite, in the Ocean Room of the USC. Endometriosis is a chronic illness which causes tissue that typically lines the uterus to grow elsewhere in the […]

More turmoil in SG: VP-elect abruptly resigns

Final budget calls for $78,344 in Student Government salaries

Eighteen students who hold positions in Student Government stand to receive a total of $78,344 in salaries in 2017-2018 under a final budget approved April 3 by the student senate. Thirteen of the 18 are in the executive branch, including incoming SG President David Thompson, who is budgeted to receive $10,687, and incoming Vice President […]

More turmoil in SG: VP-elect abruptly resigns