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Letter to the editor: Getting rid of STING RAY is a ‘slap in the face’

Above photo: Quan Jones (pictured in blue hat) was left dismayed after the USF system’s decision to cancel Project 10 STING RAY in late December. STING RAY allowed students with intellectual, physical and emotional disabilities to enroll as non-degree seeking and get the full college experience. Courtesy of Project 10 STING RAY By Quan Jones Project […]

Chocolate hearts filled with greed

And the award for worst show goes to…

Above photo: SZA, who was one of the most prominent Grammy nominated females, was snubbed in all five of her nominations. SZA performed her hit song “Broken Clocks” at this year’s Grammys. Courtesy of Wikipedia By Alexander Eubanks Before the Grammys even began, it was clear that the award show was in for a controversial night. Pop […]

“The Young Something” drops new EP on Valentine’s Day

Letter to the Editor: I Will Be… Separately Accredited

By Mariah McQueen Some people think that the controversial bill containing language that would unravel USF St. Petersburg’s separate accreditation is a foregone conclusion. But I refuse to do nothing while the bill flies over students’ heads. House Bill 423 contains an expansion of Bright Futures funding which I fully support, and in fact, lobbied […]

Chocolate hearts filled with greed

Presidential cussing, the least of our worries

By Luke Cross “Shithole.” Media outlets spent an entire weekend covering the presidential buzzword as soon as it spilled from President Donald Trump’s mouth during a meeting with lawmakers. Specifically, the president referred to Africa, saying “why do we want all these people from ‘shithole countries’ coming here?” As is the trend with political coverage, […]

Chocolate hearts filled with greed

Got questions? Here are some answers

Above photo: Students from all three USF system campuses were tasked with lobbying Florida legislators in February 2017. Michael Moore Jr. | The Crow’s Nest What’s all the fuss I’m hearing about the university’s accreditation? Last week influential lawmakers in Tallahassee introduced legislation that would abolish the independent accreditation that this campus has had since […]

McQueen: ERC verdict is a ‘witch hunt’