Opinion: Science helps the womb, not kids

October 7, 2014 3:34 pm

Science has challenged the ability of human bodies once more with a series of womb transplants, according to an article by The Telegraph. British physicians have performed an innovative surgery on patients that allows women born without wombs or disabled from disease to give birth to their own children. An […]

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Opinion: Racism a rapant concern

3:32 pm

Racism. It’s so prevalent in our society. Yet no one seems to want to admit it, even though some of the most recent and tragic events have largely been fueled by racism. The Ferguson riots were inspired by racial discrimination. Even before that, George Zimmerman managed to weave his way […]

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Opinion: Concerns for privacy grow with technology

September 29, 2014 11:33 am

This week, people stood in lines for hours to get their hands on the latest smartphone, the iPhone 6. The iPhone craze just proves our modern obsession with connectedness. But that connectedness comes at a cost. How much of the data we enter into our smart phones is really private? […]

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Opinion: Fox News hosts mock women

11:32 am

What can we say about the ever-objective, quality news outlet that is Fox News? The complete opposite. Fox News has made its name by taking news and turning into vitriol-laden opinion, obscuring facts and blowing past reason. The latest sexist remarks to come from the channel were made by the […]

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Opinion: I finally caught up with the 21st century

11:30 am

This week, I joined the ranks of millennials before me and got my first smart phone. No, I didn’t buy the iPhone 6. I traded my old, faithful basic phone—you thought it was a brick, I know—for a sleek new Galaxy S4. I may be late to the party, but […]

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Opinion: The danger of de-recognizing a club

September 22, 2014 11:04 am

The American public university system feverishly strives to promote diversity. The principle behind it may be noble, but sometimes they take it a bit too far. Sometimes, their drive to be diverse leads them to be exactly opposite. Such was the case this month when California State University de-recognized InterVarsity […]

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Opinion: Challenges of being an international student

11:02 am

I’m writing this article from a place I’m quite familiar with – a seat on an airplane. Though this trip to Miami is certainly much shorter than the trans-Atlantic voyage I took eight years ago–and still take almost annually. I, like 819,644 other students in this country, am an international […]

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Opinion: Tattoos are a cultural art form

11:01 am

This past weekend I got the privilege of attending Tampa’s First Annual Tattoo Arts Conventions held at the Tampa Convention Center. The three day event boasted more than 300 world renowned artists from 150 different tattoo shops. The convention featured some amazing performances such as Burlesque and Suspension shows. Various […]

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Opinion: Terrible home game attendance

11:00 am

The USF student section at the home football games is dwindling. When I say dwindling, I mean it is awful. It is embarrassing. The football team(2-2) continually shows strides of improvement and even goes as far as complimenting the students that show up game in and game out. I see […]

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Opinion: It’s time to face ISIS

September 15, 2014 11:34 am

It’s time the United States helped put an end to ISIS. Those who worry the United States’ involvement could place our soldiers in another Iraq War situation need to think about how much more terror ISIS could spread if they aren’t stopped. They need to think about how each video […]

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