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Editorial: A look back at this semester

Fall 2014. It’s a been a big semester for USF St. Petersburg. The university made headlines at major local media outlets when it announced the strategic plan#which included the goal of increasing student enrollment from 4,700 to 10,000 students by 2024. With the plan has come a host of exciting news, from discussions about new […]

Opinion: The regulation of season’s greetings

It’s difficult to imagine holiday greetings being offensive, but it happens more so every year. Christmas basically takes over the entire month of December, and the majority of the Western world celebrates it in some way; secularly or religiously. “Merry Christmas!” has now become somewhat of a default way to acknowledge somebody. In any case, […]

Opinion: Disney films cut life short

This is your only warning. Disney fans, get away from this column if you are easily offended. If you plan to see Big Hero 6 or haven’t seen all of the latest flicks, leave. After this paragraph, I will launch into a series of spoilers that may be upsetting to you. Disney has given me […]

Opinion: BLUE makes waves in St. Pete

St. Petersburg is making waves again, and this time, the current is felt all around the world. The city hosted the Blue Ocean Film Festival and climate summit. The conference, which ran from Nov. 3-9, aimed to educate the general public about the issues facing the ocean, and served as an industry conference to collaborate […]

Opinion: My pride for Pete

Home to the largest pride parade in the state of Florida, St. Petersburg just received a score of 100 percent for its support for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. Last year, the city received 66 points for its support. This clearly changed over the last 12 months and it is something the whole […]