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The Crow’s Corner: How to score extra-credit adulting points

In high school, turning 18 represents the pinnacle of all your desires; but like most anticipated dates, once reached they often tend to disappoint. The rude awakening that arrives after — usually by the time you’re in college — is that “adulting” almost always comes down to either owing money or needing money. Here’s three […]

Education has become industry, at our cost

America’s Presidential Election Reflects Deeper Problem

By Ryan Callihan ryancallihan@mail.usf.edu On Tuesday night, roughly half of America decided to elect a reality star as the leader of the free world. In other words, America decided that Donald Trump should head our nation for the next four years. Despite winning the popular vote by more than 600,000 votes, Hillary Clinton, the most […]

Education has become industry, at our cost

My alternative spring break

In the United States, approximately 565,000 people experience homelessness on any given night. I’ve always found ways to indirectly help alleviate homelessness and poverty by contributing to the Red Cross, Salvation Army and other organizations – but it wasn’t until recently that I realized I wanted to take it a step further. Yes, donating clothes […]