Opinion: Nude: exploring new territory

September 8, 2014 10:58 am

Local lore tells of a nude beach at the northern-most tip of Fort Desoto Beach.  When I moved here seven years ago, my new friends described a place that sounded like paradise.  A recent refugee of the Bible Belt, a place where one could bask openly in God’s glorious light […]

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Opinion: Land of the Ebola-free

10:57 am

Ebola has infected and killed thousands long before the 2014 outbreak. About 431 people died in the first record outbreak in 1976. More than 30 years and 3,091 deaths later, a vaccine is now in the development stages. African nations including Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria, and more have been infected over […]

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Opinion: NFL Sunday: a holiday

10:56 am

A holiday is defined as a day that is set aside by law or custom which work is suspended or reduced. On Sunday Sept. 7, the NFL season started. Well, technically it was last Thursday, but unless you’re a fan of one of those two teams, it doesn’t count. The […]

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Opinion: Served, then scared: a day in the life of a process server

September 2, 2014 10:50 am

It was just another day at work. Except on this day, I’m standing on a stranger’s porch with a gun pointed at my face. This is my job. It was my second-to-last stop of the night. As soon as I started knocking on this person’s door I had a feeling […]

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Opinion: Take athlete domestic violence seriously

10:44 am

Professional football players who batter their significant others will now receive a harsher slap on the wrist. On Thursday, National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell announced that the league is strengthening its personal-conduct policy. Active immediately, any NFL employee who uses physical force to commit an act of assault, battery, […]

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Opinion: Longing for green benches

10:41 am

St. Petersburg didn’t always feel this homey. The murals that were splashed onto alley walls in the recent years and the revival of antique indications of buildings’ ages are a recent trend that has brought the Sunshine City back to life. North St. Petersburg is a region of urban sprawl […]

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Opinion: City, don’t overlook us

10:38 am

On Tuesday, the vision plan goes before the USF Board of Trustees. The plan looks to increase enrollment from 4,700 to 10,000 students by 2024. At The Crow’s Nest, we believe there’s a lot to like in that plan. The campus will remain small compared to other state universities such […]

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Opinion: Say yes to expansion

August 25, 2014 12:30 pm

When I first heard about the ten year plan to double the student body and expand the campus, I wasn’t for it. After all, one of the main things that drew me to USF St. Petersburg, besides its gorgeous location, was the intimate size of campus. At the Tampa location […]

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Opinion: The Real College Essentials

12:20 pm

Among the piles of cardboard boxes and brightly colored, twin-XL sheets was a mix of excitement and nerves for a new experience. College, which was once this distant aspiration, was suddenly a tiny residence hall bedroom shared between three barely-adult girls, and a campus promising education, activities, and memories. I […]

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Opinion: Do’s and Don’ts of Fantasy Football

12:15 pm

With the arrival of football in the fall comes the most notorious trash talking season of the year. Friends and family will compete in fantasy football leagues around the United States in hopes of crowning themselves a champion. So, even if your favorite NFL team is horrible, you still can […]

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