Opinion: BLUE makes waves in St. Pete

November 18, 2014 4:47 pm

St. Petersburg is making waves again, and this time, the current is felt all around the world. The city hosted the Blue Ocean Film Festival and climate summit. The conference, which ran from Nov. 3-9, aimed to educate the general public about the issues facing the ocean, and served as […]

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Opinion: My pride for Pete

4:46 pm

Home to the largest pride parade in the state of Florida, St. Petersburg just received a score of 100 percent for its support for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. Last year, the city received 66 points for its support. This clearly changed over the last 12 months and […]

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Editorial: University: amend our speech codes

November 10, 2014 11:02 am

We have administrators who value students’ freedom of speech. But our current speech codes, if put into the wrong hands, could threaten students’ freedoms. Freedom of speech is one of the most precious things about being American. We’re not just saying this because we’re journalists. Freedom of speech goes beyond […]

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Opinion: We’re not written in the stars

11:01 am

Your health, prosperity and love-life can be foretold in just around 100 characters – whether you’ll fail or succeed, if you should seek romance or lie low for some time. Your future foreseen with the touch of a button. These predictions are all over the media and are growing exceedingly […]

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Opinion: Knowing myself changed by goals

11:00 am

I didn’t always want to leave St. Petersburg. In an eighth grade class project about my future goals, I wanted to study biology, attend the University of South Florida, and work at a zoo. Maybe I’d buy a house in Gulfport and enjoy the weekends near the beach. I’d write […]

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Editorial: Freedom of the press alive at USFSP

November 6, 2014 4:39 pm

At a university in Oklahoma, student government senators paused their senate meeting because they wanted ice cream. We aren’t kidding. All the senators got up, walked to their cafeteria and got the ice cream. Then they reconvened the meeting. But then they realized they forgot the spoons. So every single […]

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Opinion: I took a chance on Philly

4:36 pm

On Sunday evening, a group of us staff writers arrived home from a media convention held in Philadelphia, PA. It was an opportunity I was originally reluctant to accept but I’m glad I did. Usually, I would find the excuses to tell myself. “It’s not worth it.” “I have to […]

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Opinion: Fantasy football isn’t just a ‘guy’ thing

4:31 pm

Originally, that’s the way I viewed it. A “guy” thing. Although I’m an avid sports fan, I never thought I would be good at it. Too many stats. Too many players. Too many rules. I became a bartender at a sports bar, and my football knowledge grew. After a while, […]

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Opinion: Me, myself, and a stranger

4:29 pm

What’s better than an all-day event of feel-good music, art vendors, delicious food trucks and quality solitude time? Nothing, really. The ability and freedom one experiences by venturing out on their own to explore would normally be an introvert’s worst nightmare; however, in my case, it was everything but. Attending […]

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Opinion: Don’t believe everything you read

October 27, 2014 11:33 am

Ah, the internet. It’s revolutionized the way we receive our news, and the speed at which our news is reported to us. Yet, it complicates the process at times. Anyone can start their own website and post updates. And some Internet developers are talented at making fake news sites look […]

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