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Daddy-daughter dances deeply divide

  Earlier this month, a second-grader at Eisenhower Elementary School in Clearwater was barred from attending her school’s daddy-daughter dance, since her father isn’t in the picture. The girl’s mom, Trisha Palacios, tried to find male family friends to escort her 8-year-old, Alyssa, to the dance, but that fell through. When Palacios decided she would […]

Powerful words: The case for filthy, foul language

“Crybabies” protest Daddy Trump in Central Florida

Waiting at an intersection on Airport Boulevard in Melbourne, a flurry of bright, colorful signs belonging to protesters contrasted with the red hats of President Donald Trump’s loyal followers, each group waiting to join their respective sides. This past Saturday, Trump held a rally reminiscent of those leading up to the general election. He drew […]

Powerful words: The case for filthy, foul language

Ask yourself: Who are you calling “crazy?”

“Crazy.” Whenever there’s an outrageous party, a bizarre movie in theaters or some strange coincidence, this is the word people use to express their feelings. This seemingly innocuous word is never censored on television and is used daily by people all the time. It is used for a multitude of reasons, from describing one’s hectic […]

Powerful words: The case for filthy, foul language