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Society’s dress codes are just plain wrong

United Airlines is sexist! It specifically targets women and even policies what children wear. According to the company, females wearing leggings are inappropriate but men wearing shorts are not. Or at least that’s what the internet wants you to think. Twitter users have run with this conclusion since Shannon Watts tweeted about an incident where […]

Powerful words: The case for filthy, foul language

Don’t eat like a caveman, just eat real food

Plant-based diets are all the rave lately. Vegan-friendly restaurants are popping up all over the place, but there are more options for the health-minded masses. The paleo diet is more plant-based than many others, while still supporting the intake of limited amounts of animal protein. The guidelines of paleo are to remove processed sugar, soy, […]

Powerful words: The case for filthy, foul language

The Crow’s Corner: How to beat the breakup blues

Spring break is a time to let it all go: the stresses, responsibilities, engagements, significant others — you name it. According to data-journalist David Mccandless’ study of Facebook relationship status updates, the timeframe tops the chart for breakups. Whether the relationship has been long term or not, being dumped never feels good. At best, it’s […]

Crow’s Corner: Interview tips