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The conversation we need to have about gun reform

By Emily Wunderlich Columbine: 13 people dead. Virginia Tech: 32 people dead. Aurora: 12 people dead. Sandy Hook: 28 people dead. San Bernardino: 14 people dead. Pulse nightclub: 49 people dead. This was the deadliest mass shooting in modern American history— until Sunday. Late Sunday, 64-year-old Stephen Paddock unleashed a hail of gunfire onto the Las […]

You’re not green if you consume animal products

Abolishing An Antiquated System: Tear Down The Electoral College

Citizens of our fair country have a right to the most potent and influential power in shaping government, their inalienable democratic voice. This power, however, is not fully demonstrated in letters to local policymakers, the signing of petitions or even in voting for the leader of the free world. Instead, we seem to focus our […]

You’re not green if you consume animal products

Alumnus Aims to Motivate

In the most recent election, USF St. Petersburg alumnus Victor Sims ran for a seat in the Florida House of Representatives District 39 against incumbent Neil Combee. Sims received 28,117 votes but it wasn’t enough to trump Combee, who received 46,353 votes. “I live in a very conservative and rural county, so for me it […]

What If?

America’s Presidential Election Reflects Deeper Problem

By Ryan Callihan ryancallihan@mail.usf.edu On Tuesday night, roughly half of America decided to elect a reality star as the leader of the free world. In other words, America decided that Donald Trump should head our nation for the next four years. Despite winning the popular vote by more than 600,000 votes, Hillary Clinton, the most […]

You’re not green if you consume animal products

Young Voters May Hold Key to The White House

Early last month, the governmental affairs director for Student Government hosted a voter registration event on Harborwalk. Getting students to vote is vital for the future, said Madeline Friese, 20, a sophomore majoring in environmental science and policy. “I don’t think students understand the impact that government has on their lives,” she said. “If you […]

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