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The Crow’s Nest office is located in room 2400 of the Student Life Center.

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  1. I think it might be useful if you made a more concerted effort to find out the diverse views on campus about this issue, rather than quoting the usual suspects – the same people that are always interviewed and quoted on any issue relating to our campus. While Drs. Arsenault, Sokolovsky and Durand have all been on our campus a long time, they do not speak in any way for the faculty at large; there has not yet been any systematic polling of what faculty think. Dr. Michaels is no longer Senate President and can’t speak for the Senate. We are an age, gender and racially diverse faculty. There are many young faculty who may have a different view – who may benefit from being part of their large disciplinary departments in Tampa. This is not a clear cut issue; it is complex and many aspects need to be thought through very carefully.

    1. Hi Rebecca! Thank you for your input. While I cannot speak on behalf of the reporters who covered that story, I do know that they made an exhaustive effort to reach out to as many as people as they could. If they were quoted, that means they were willing to get back to us and speak on the record about their views. If you’d like to write a letter to the editor, we’d be more than happy to publish it!


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