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Conference seeks creative solutions for climate change

By Brandi Reynolds The Initiative on Coastal Adaptation and Resilience met in the University Student Center last Wednesday and Thursday to discuss the growing effects of climate change. The conference focused on regional vulnerability and resistance to change on local and global scales. Jeff Goodell of Rolling Stone and author of “The Water Will Come: […]

One parade, a hundred reasons

Obama fosters Cuba relationship with policy repeal

President Bill Clinton’s 1995 “wet foot, dry foot” policy, which allowed Cuban immigrants to earn citizen rights if they reached U.S. land is no more. Obama announced his decision to repeal the legislation just eight days before President Trump’s inauguration. “Wet foot, dry foot,” allowed any Cuban people who made it to U.S. ground become […]

McQueen: ERC verdict is a ‘witch hunt’

Senate’s Veto of President Step Too Far

Private citizens can now sue the governments of foreign nations…sort of. On Wednesday, Sept. 28, Congress overrode the president’s veto of “The Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA).” This bill would allow private citizens to sue the government of a foreign nation suspected to have supported terrorist acts committed on U.S. soil. The bill […]

Chocolate hearts filled with greed

SEAS sets up phone booth for White House calls

On Thurs., Sept. 22, the Students for Environmental Awareness Society held its Moving Planet event at Harborwalk. The group encouraged participants to call the White House in a makeshift phone booth. The booth also included bicycle diagnostics for students. “The purpose of the event is to encourage students to move beyond fossil fuels and to […]

Arab Spring meets American fall

The Arab Spring is the 21st Century’s defining moment thus far. Not even Sept. 11 will have as much of a global impact as the revolutions blanketing the Sahara. Thousands of protestors have died at the hands of unrelenting leaders. Dozens of governments are struggling to hold on against their citizenry. Imagine if 10 million […]