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Final budget calls for $78,344 in Student Government salaries

Eighteen students who hold positions in Student Government stand to receive a total of $78,344 in salaries in 2017-2018 under a final budget approved April 3 by the student senate. Thirteen of the 18 are in the executive branch, including incoming SG President David Thompson, who is budgeted to receive $10,687, and incoming Vice President […]

More turmoil in SG: VP-elect abruptly resigns

Slash & Earn: Student Government proposes new budget plan

The Campus Recreation department and Office of Multicultural Affairs stand to get more money next year under a spending plan tentatively approved by Student Government leaders last week. But The Crow’s Nest and Student Government itself would see the largest budget cuts. At issue is the $3.3 million that USF St. Petersburg students are expected […]

More turmoil in SG: VP-elect abruptly resigns

The Crow’s Corner: How to score extra-credit adulting points

In high school, turning 18 represents the pinnacle of all your desires; but like most anticipated dates, once reached they often tend to disappoint. The rude awakening that arrives after — usually by the time you’re in college — is that “adulting” almost always comes down to either owing money or needing money. Here’s three […]

Quit fretting: Take musicians at sound value

Campus moves forward with Green Revolving Fund

Future sustainability projects on campus will now find funding, in part, through the Green Revolving Fund. Signed on Monday, Feb. 6, the Green Revolving Fund would utilize the savings from previous sustainability initiatives to fund new green projects around the university. The fund was signed into action by the Clean Energy and Resource Conservation Commission […]

More turmoil in SG: VP-elect abruptly resigns

SG senate passes 2011-12 A&S budget – Archive

Keeley Sheehan Managing Editor Student Government passed the 2011-12 Activities and Services fee budget during the general senate meeting on April 6. SG allocated a total of $1,104,000—a $53,100 increase from last year. SG debated the budget during committee meetings for about two weeks. SG President James Scott first presented the budget to the senate […]