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Lea Umberger stared in disbelief at the sheer number of people walking down Baum Avenue Saturday night. Located off Central Avenue near the Green Bench Brewing Co., thousands of people gathered at Et Cultura, a local festival that celebrates St. Petersburg’s creative culture. Umberger worked tirelessly since January planning the 5-day event. “We wanted to […]

The Keepers – a must see Netflix Original documentary on coming forward and seeking the truth

Exploring beauty abroad – Archive

Taylor Gaudens Contributing Writer Traveling is easier for Americans these days, but it can affect the rest of the world in different ways. Two worldly, well-traveled people—USFSP Spanish Professor Ana Herrero and USFSP anthropology student Nora Gaunt—have learned, and continue to learn, new things about perceptions of beauty from their travels. The American perspective on […]