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Editorial: Group projects, the bane of college existence

There’s always an awkward silence after a professor opens up the room so students can organize into groups. People shuffle papers, looking around nervously, praying that they have one reliable acquaintance in the room. It’s even worse for the introvert who has to sit there realizing they spent the whole semester avoiding eye contact, and […]

$3 million floating sculpture definitely a priority

Newspaper under fire for anti-LGBT adoption article: Student claims pulling the article violated his First Amendment rights

Would anyone think twice if this newspaper published an LGBT-friendly editorial on this page? Would hundreds of people raise their pitchforks and torches, alert the mainstream media and call for an immediate apology? How about if we published an anti-LGBT article? That’s the situation the student newspaper at Shawano Community High School is facing after […]


I discovered Pinterest a few weeks ago. It’s a website, kind of like tumblr, but with more pretty pictures per capita and without all the words muddying up my feed. I’ve got a bunch of virtual boards, and I virtually pin pictures to those boards of things that catch my eye. The idea is to […]

Truth through fiction

Good stories are universal. I wrote this column while paused halfway through the season two premiere of “Downton Abbey,” a BBC drama to which I should have no legitimate connection. The series explores the extravagant aristocratic lives of the Earl of Grantham, his American socialite wife and their three daughters. Their titular home holds more […]

USFSP should sign commitment to go green: Guidelines for making campus more eco-friendly could push the university

USF St. Petersburg should continue its push toward sustainability by signing the American College and University President’s Climate Commitment. To date, 647 college and university presidents have signed it, and 434 have submitted climate action plans detailing how the schools plan to go, and stay, green. The President’s Climate Commitment was started by Second Nature […]

Job training is secondary

As out-of-work recessioneers headed back to college looking for a leg up in the competitive job market, politicians, too, looked toward higher education for economic answers. The pillars of the Florida economy have traditionally been tourism, agriculture, construction and aerospace, three of which have been bludgeoned by the global economic collapse. The future of Florida […]

A premium degree: Idea to charge more for STEM degrees might have unintended effect

State university officials in Florida have been discussing the idea of charging students more for getting degrees in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, though universities don’t have total power to set differentiated tuition rates depending on the programs. Gov. Rick Scott is pushing for more students in the state to graduate with these so-called STEM […]