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Meet the presidential candidates

Student body president and vice president campaigns started Monday, Feb. 20. As leader of the executive branch, the president is a fundamental role in the allocation of the activities and service fee budget. The vice president heads communication between the student body and the rest of the executive branch. Below are excerpts from interviews with […]

From thrift store to runway: alumnus hosts fashion show

Students Discuss Emotions After Controversial Election

By Michael Moore Jr. michaelmoor@mail.usf.edu   Tuesday night the University Student Center ballrooms transformed into an election watch party. Snowcones, popcorn, tacos, pizza and soda were abundant. Inflatables hosting mock gladiator duels and games of Twister stood in place. Two big screens showed the results all night: one of them tuned to CNN, the other […]

From thrift store to runway: alumnus hosts fashion show

Contentious day ends with civil debate

After days of schedule conflicts and finger-pointing, the candidates for the student government election met Wednesday night for a last-minute debate. The two presidential candidates, James Scott, a current senator and former student president, and Mark Lombardi-Nelson, the current vice president, reiterated their different visions for the role of the government on campus. Lombardi-Nelson said […]