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Review: Marvel’s latest Thor installment is a masterpiece

By Jeffrey Waitkevich Thor, Asgard’s god of thunder, has been one of Marvel Cinematic Universe’s most powerful superheroes since his debut in 2011. But what would happen if he lost Mjolnir, the hammer that grants him the ability to fight and manipulate the weather? That answer comes in “Thor: Ragnarok,” Marvel’s third and most recent installment […]

Review: Justice League flashes potential, still a bust

Review: Netflix punches through 4th Marvel series, “Iron Fist”

Introducing the fourth and final member in its “Defenders” series, Marvel released Netflix Original Series “Marvel’s Iron Fist” on March 17. The series is based on the Marvel Comics character Iron Fist, aka Danny Rand, who was introduced in 1974 in the “Marvel Premiere” series before starring in his own comic book series. Two minor […]

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