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Review: Netflix’s new ragtag supergroup harnesses attention after slow beginning

By Jeffrey Waitkevich After Marvel’s “The Avengers” crushed its opening weekend, superhero team-ups have been spreading across the silver screen. Now, Netflix wants to bring that recipe for success to their streaming platform, in full binge-worthy glory. Released in full Aug. 18, “The Defenders” hits all the right notes of a superhuman mash-up tying together […]

Eichmann exhibit first of its kind

Review: Netflix punches through 4th Marvel series, “Iron Fist”

Introducing the fourth and final member in its “Defenders” series, Marvel released Netflix Original Series “Marvel’s Iron Fist” on March 17. The series is based on the Marvel Comics character Iron Fist, aka Danny Rand, who was introduced in 1974 in the “Marvel Premiere” series before starring in his own comic book series. Two minor […]

Eichmann exhibit first of its kind

Review: Diagnosis On Doctor Strange

Recently released, “Doctor Strange” is the 14th addition to Marvel’s expanding list of comic book film adaptations, features beautiful cinematography and jaw-dropping CGI to boost its otherwise run-of-the-mill Marvel Comic Universe (MCU) plot line. In the opening sequence we see Kaecilius (Mads Mikkelsen) and his goons stealing a spell book in what seems to be […]

“Black Panther” claws its way to greatness

“Netflix and Chill”

It’s spring break and some students might just want to “Netflix and Chill.” So we’ve compiled a list of must-watch Netflix Original series’ for you to binge at the house. House of Cards– This original series stars Kevin Spacey as a machiavellian democrat president Frank Underwood. Now in it’s fourth season, Underwood has fought through […]