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Quit fretting: Take musicians at sound value

Michael Jackson allegedly molested children, Chris Brown abused Rihanna and Kanye West compared himself to Jesus. All three affect the most important part of any music artists job — maintaining the support of a loyal fan base. But is it really possible for an artist cross a line? I’d argue that there never really needs […]

How Student Government plans to address our campus’ poor recycling report

Old Souls In a New Age: 2017 Grammy Predictions

At this year’s Grammy Awards, some popular categories are not only stocked with nominees for millennial music lovers but also for fans of 90s and 00s music. The high-profile nominations of Beyonce, Drake, Kanye West, Chance the Rapper and other industry leaders at the 59th annual ceremony are not surprising. But a former R&B starlet, […]

Pendulums and countdowns: Student group shakes misconceptions of hypnosis

Food, Music, Culture, Et Cultura

Lea Umberger stared in disbelief at the sheer number of people walking down Baum Avenue Saturday night. Located off Central Avenue near the Green Bench Brewing Co., thousands of people gathered at Et Cultura, a local festival that celebrates St. Petersburg’s creative culture. Umberger worked tirelessly since January planning the 5-day event. “We wanted to […]

Pendulums and countdowns: Student group shakes misconceptions of hypnosis

The “power to the people” playlist

  [box_dark]It’s been almost 45 years since Martin Luther King Jr. last shared his message of equality and peace with the world. No one person has been able to fill his mighty shoes, but countless musicians have tried to further his message. In honor of King’s birthday, here are some inspirational, progressive and well-meaning tunes. […]

The “time to grind” playlist

That’s right, everyone. It’s time to prove to dad you’re not a fool. Getting back into the grind can be tough, especially after a month of binging on cookies, and… other things. Dust off your laptop, fire up Spotify and let these tunes get you in the mood for some good ol’ fashioned learning. I […]