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Obama’s photographer: ‘I’m also trying to show what he’s like as a person’

By Emily Bowers Pete Souza, the former chief official White House photographer, is more than just the man behind the camera; He’s got quite the sense of humor, too. “I had the advantage of a subject who you could recognize from behind, because of his ears,” he joked as he showed a photo of former […]

From thrift store to runway: alumnus hosts fashion show

Stand with government leaks and whistleblowers

Former President Barack Obama commuted the prison sentence of whistleblower Chelsea Manning during his final days in office. Manning was serving a 35-year sentence, the longest ever given to a whistleblower. She has already served seven years of her prison term. Now, she will be released May 17 of this year. The commutation is a […]

How Student Government plans to address our campus’ poor recycling report