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The ULTIMATE guide to tailgating

By Anna Bryson College football season is the pinnacle to the undergrad experience. If you don’t attend your school football games, why are you in college? Here is your guide to the most important part of the experience: tailgating. First thing’s first: tailgate the tailgate. Wake up at 6 a.m. and have a wholesome breakfast […]

USF Football begins the process of funding 40 million dollar practice stadium

The nipples that broke through the glass ceiling

I went braless for six months in order to protest societal norms regarding women’s clothing. I’ve heard countless stories of women protesting in a similar fashion, but last September I decided to make my own stand. This is my story. Let me be clear: this was NOT an easy task, however, I persevered through the […]

How Student Government plans to address our campus’ poor recycling report

10 things you forgot you did on St. Patrick’s Day

We’ve been there. Waking up to a searing pain pulsing through your forehead. That guaranteed hangover cure your friend swears by. The greasy breakfast, painkillers and coffee. St. Patrick’s Day is rough. Green beer, whiskey shots and swarms of people downtown with the mutual purpose of delightfully drunk debauchery. We, here at The Crow’s Nest, […]

From thrift store to runway: alumnus hosts fashion show