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Roses are red, violets are blue, National Condom Day is here for you

Above photo: National Condom Day was created in the 1980s to educate people about how condoms can help prevent the spread of HIV. Courtesy of Pixabay By Delaney Brown National Condom Day, an annual campaign by the Sexual Health Quarters, falls on Valentine’s Day each year. The holiday was initially created in the 1980s to educate […]

SG supreme court denies McQueen’s case

Florida Sex Education Leaves Students Unprepared

Teaching sex education has been delegated to science and physical education teachers, but in areas around Florida the lessons are limited to abstinence-only education. There is no course content requirement for sex ed classes the state. When it is covered, the curriculum focuses on abstinence until marriage, sex within marriage and the negative outcomes of […]

Campus Movie Fest prepares to launch