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Sports: a $1.5 million investment

By Delaney Brown and Alex Eubanks Let’s Talk Athletics, a Student Government sponsored forum, aimed to set the record straight on what the $1.5 million campus athletics program would look like. In order to be considered for admission into the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics and its Sun Conference, the university would be required to finance […]

From thrift store to runway: alumnus hosts fashion show

Sustainability: what does it mean to go green?

By Whitney Elfstrom Reduce, reuse, recycle — a motto that we all grew up hearing. But what does it mean, and why does it matter? For Brian Pullen, the university’s sustainability planner, it’s all about finding new tactics to ensure we reduce our environmental impact on the planet. Think of Tesla’s mass-market electric car, which […]

From thrift store to runway: alumnus hosts fashion show

Young professionals talk change and engagement in a growing city

By Whitney Elfstrom Young professionals met Wednesday night for the Engage St. Pete: Grow With Your City panel discussion to explore new ideas of how to further innovate and diversify downtown St. Petersburg. The event was held in the heart of downtown at the Museum of Fine Arts with the first hour set aside for […]

From thrift store to runway: alumnus hosts fashion show

Election results are in, Student Government fills 11 seats

This year, 650 students voted in the election, nearly twice as many as the fall semester. The total student population, including graduate and non-degree seeking students is 4,475. The election results were announced on March 2 in the Reef by Shannon Scanlon, Student Government’s supervisor of elections. Each of the students running for a senate […]

From thrift store to runway: alumnus hosts fashion show

Student Green Energy Fund seeks student approval

Starting Monday, students will have the chance to vote on whether or not they would like to renew the Student Green Energy Fund. SGEF is a fund that is “used to assist the university in reducing energy costs through conservation, promoting power generation using clean, renewable energy technologies and lowering greenhouse gas emissions” according to […]

From thrift store to runway: alumnus hosts fashion show

SGEF sponsors “green” idea drive

The Student Green Energy Fund is accepting ideas to match President Barack Obama’s challenge to reduce fossil fuels dependency. Projects to reduce the carbon footprint are in demand, and SGEF has money to make them happen. So far, about $160,000 has been awarded to five SGEF projects proposed in 2012. In the fitness center, four […]