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‘Sing it’ open mic helps break in revamped Coquina Club

By Arman Mouradian Open mic night at “The Edge” was in full swing last Monday night when Brielle Carter stepped up to the microphone. The chairs were filled with curious students, waiting to hear something fresh, something they haven’t heard. Although it wasn’t her first time performing in front of strangers, Carter was nervous stepping […]

Pendulums and countdowns: Student group shakes misconceptions of hypnosis

The Edge, Campus Recreation’s $1.3 million preview is a success

By Delaney Brown Campus Recreation unveiled its new $1.3 million remodel of the old Coquina Club last week, building excitement among students and faculty.   Now called The Edge, Campus Recreation gave students a first look at the recreation space, as well as to build anticipation for the finalized project two weeks from now. “The […]

Campus powers up new 40 kilowatt solar array carport

Long anticipated preview of The Edge is tonight

By Jeffrey Waitkevich The university is set to unveil The Edge, a remodeled recreation space, to students in a soft opening at 5 p.m. Monday. Al Gentilini, associate director of Campus Recreation, hopes to give students a chance to check out what the recreational space will look like while also building anticipation for the finalized […]

Campus powers up new 40 kilowatt solar array carport